Engaged, Lifelong Learners

Core Capability: Engaged, Lifelong Learners

Begin to answer what it means to live a meaningful, productive, fulfilling life. Learn to effectively manage your time, achieving your daily goals while also taking care of yourself and making room for the things you care about most. The GPS Program focuses on meaning and balance through a variety of skills, including effective time management, emotional intelligence, work-life balance, physical well-being, resilience and mindfulness. Understand how a good work/life balance can reduce stress and anxiety and help you to stay focused on the things that matter. Build rest, exercise and mindfulness into your busy college schedule. Learning to create this balance is an invaluable skill that will guide you well after your years at AUP.

  • Build your time management skills
  • Strengthen your emotional intelligence (including reading and understanding emotions in oneself)
  • Demonstrate your poise and ability to avoid stress and fatigue
  • Cultivate your well-being and “body intelligence”
  • Create a work-life balance
  • Become a more focused person 


Capability Requirements

Participate in at least one of these activities.

Activities Validating Office
Participate as a member of an AUP athletics team Athletics Office
Organize an AUP Wellness Room activity Athletics Office
Attend an AUP workshop: Time Management, Nutrition, Body Image, etc. Student Development or Athletics Office
Other: Personal Project (pre-approved) GPS Committee

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