Whether it be graduate school or interviewing for that dream job, the GPS program helps you succeed. The reason it works is because at the heart of the GPS program you will be utilizing the four categories of global skills that AUP embeds across the institution. Learn more about each category and the activities associated with it.



Independent, Creative Thinkers

Developing as a young professional requires skill. Beyond your natural abilities, talents and experiences, successfully engaging as an independent, creative thinker at AUP will help you develop the hard skills needed for post-AUP life, whether its graduate school, an important job interview, an entrepreneurial career, or wherever else your next steps lead you.

As you develop your career and professional skill set you will learn what it takes to articulate your professional goals, personal life experiences, and ambitions to build a cohesive narrative that you can use throughout your life after AUP.


Activities that fulfill this requirement include participating in a Designing Your Life Workshop, taking part in Alumni Career Mentoring, or registering your Internship with AUP.



Engaged, Lifelong Learners

Learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. Every day you learn more about yourself and the world around you. As an engaged, lifelong learner, not only are you more effective with your time, but you also bridge the gap between work in the classroom and out of the classroom, promoting overall holistic wellbeing, creativity and self-care.

Establish the foundations for work/life balance and develop habit-building techniques that make life less stressful, more manageable, and more efficient as you manage a busy college schedule and prepare for your future.


Activities that fulfill this requirement include: organizing an AUP Wellness Room activity, contributing to an AUP music room or art gallery activity, or participating as a member of an AUP Athletics team.



Responsible, Empowered Leaders

You know that the key to success through leadership is proactively taking responsibility for your decision making. As a responsible actor and empowered leader, you engage in project organization, coaching, mentoring, public speaking and non-verbal communication skills – all to benefit your emotional intelligence and superior leadership capacities that prepare you to effectively work with and lead others.


Activities that fulfill this requirement include: taking part in a Student Leadership Volunteer Activity, serving as a Student Government Member, ARC Tutor, or Student Advisor.


Cultural Fluency

Adaptable Communicators with a Global Perspective

As a Global Explorer it is important that you have the skills needed to engage effectively with any audience around the world. As an adaptable communicator with a global perspective you will be able to showcase your multilingual capabilities, demonstrate your cross-cultural awareness and highlight your ability to work in a multicultural environment. Show that you have engaged directly with the histories, perspectives and contemporary realities of the places you visit, whether in Paris or around the world.


Activities that fulfill this requirement include: going on a Cultural Program Study Trip, take an Internship in a non-native language, or volunteering in a non-native language.