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GPS Program for Seniors 2019/2020

For current seniors, the Global Professional Skills (GPS) Program provides a structure to record and reflect on your co-curricular activities, which is a great way to prep for your post-graduation plans. Whether you plan to find a job or internship, go to graduate school, take on a research project, or start your own company, you will benefit from the GPS Program!

Why participate?

  • Customize your own co-curricular record (CCR) to highlight activities to share with graduate schools and employers;
  • Participate in a Designing Your Narrative Workshop: develop a compelling and coherent narrative about yourself, your interests, and your achievements;
  • The option to present your narrative to a panel of AUP employers, alumni, and faculty;
  • Receive a GPS certificate (with a mention of your completion of the program on your official academic transcript);
  • Top student presenters will be invited to the President's Panel;
  • One winning submission will receive the GPS President's Award at commencement.


GPS Requirements

1. Minimum Involvement Requirement

The minimum involvement requirements are built around AUP’s four core capabilities. The minimum involvement requirements for senior students in 2019/2020 have been designed to ensure that you can complete the program in one year, getting GPS credit for co-curricular activities you’ve done in the past, and for activities you complete this year.

When you sign-up for the program and attend an info session (see details in How To Participate section below), you will be given access to the special GPS Path for seniors in AUP Engage. The GPS Path for Seniors is dynamic, you will be able to click through requirements, completing and submitting items that apply to you… and many of you will be surprised to find that you have already completed a number of requirements!

For now, until you sign up and get access to the GPS Path for Seniors, check out the minimum Involvement Requirements here:

Personal: Engaged, Lifelong Learners Complete at least 1:
  • Join an AUP sports team
  • Join an AUP recreational activity club
  • Active Aquaboulevard membership
  • Other regular physical activity
  • Personal project on the theme of “focus”
  • Attend a “wellness” tagged event
  • Attend a “cooking tagged event
  • Attend a “life skills” tagged event
  • Attend an “art” tagged event
  • Attend a “nutrition” tagged event
Professional: Independent, Creative Thinkers Complete at least 1:
  • Designing Your AUP (DYA) Workshop
  • Designing Your Life (DYL) Workshop
  • Internship Prep Tutorial
  • Attend a “Careers” tagged event
  • Attend an “Internships” tagged event
  • AUP Global Talent Brochure

Complete at least 1:
  • AUP Alumni Career Mentoring
  • LinkedIn Learning Certification
  • Professional Thought Leadership
  • Additional Professional Experience
  • Internship Registered with AUP
Cultural Fluency: Adaptable Communicators with a Global Perspective Complete at least 2:
  • Cultural Fluency Exercise
  • Attend a “culture” tagged event
  • Join an AUP language or culture club
  • Les Jeunes Ont la Parole
  • Cultural Program Study Trip (can count 2)
  • Additional Cultural Fluency Experience
Leadership: Responsible, Empowered Leaders Complete at least 2:
  • Organize an event at AUP
  • Contribute to an AUP student publication
  • Student Advisor
  • ARC/Writing Lab Tutor
  • SGA Executive
  • Student Senator
  • ASM Board
  • Activities & Clubs Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Careers Committee
  • Service Committee
  • Active Member of Student Organization
  • Other Leadership Experience
  • Join a Service Organization
  • Volunteer Experience (outside AUP)
GPS Capstone Complete all 3:
  • Attend Designing Your Narrative (DYN) Workshop
  • Submit a Personal Narrative
  • Submit a final copy of your co-curricular record


2. Attend Designing Your Narrative (DYN) Workshop

This design thinking workshop for seniors helps you connect the dots between your experiences at university and your post-graduation plans. We will talk about what comes next for you: a job or internship, graduate school, launching your own company, etc. We will walk through a series of exercises that will help you reflect on everything you've done at AUP, both in the classroom and outside of it. You will learn some strategies for how to 'pitch' yourself to prospective employers, graduate school admissions decision-makers, investors, etc... And you will be given the guidelines for how to translate all of this into your Personal Narrative - the third and final requirement for your successful completion of the GPS Program!

You will leave the workshop with the tools you need to be confident selling yourself to prospective employers, graduate school admissions decision-makers, investors, etc. - whoever your "audience" will be as you work towards your post-graduation goals.

3. Submit a Personal Narrative

One of the most difficult tasks you will face after you graduate (or even just before) is marketing yourself. The objective of this exercise is to empower you to connect the dots between your curricular and co-curricular experiences in meaningful and compelling ways. The goal is to ensure that you have the foundation required to present yourself to anyone, anywhere, with pride and confidence, enabling you to successfully tackle your post-graduation plans, whatever they may be.

For this Personal Narrative, you will identify a specific objective. For example: Get a communications internship at Dior. Be accepted to the Master’s Program in Public Policy at Sciences Po. Attain funding for my startup company. Be awarded grant money to fund my research project. You will then craft a narrative imagining you are presenting yourself in the context of that objective – to an employer, graduate school admissions counsellor, angel investor, etc. The format of the narrative is open, but common formats include PowerPoint/Prezi, video, website, portfolio, essay, etc. You will get all of the detailed guidelines you need for this exercise when you attend the Designing Your Narrative workshop.



  • Sign up by requesting to join the GPS Organization for current seniors in AUP Engage.
  • Attend a Senior GPS Information Session. Dates & times for the sessions are included in the sign up form above. All sessions are posted on AUP Engage. RSVP for the session of your choice on AUP Engage. At the session, you will be given access to the GPS Path for Seniors on AUP Engage. After the session, you will be assigned a GPS Advisor who will be your point person for any questions you have about your progress through the program.
  • Complete the GPS Path for Seniors on AUP Engage. You will be given access to the path when you attend an Info Session. The path is dynamic, you will be able to click through requirements, completing and submitting items that apply to you. For some FAQs and tips about working on the GPS Path, check out the section below: Working on Your GPS Path in AUP Engage.
  • Attend DYN Workshop. DYN workshops will be held in both Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. You are encouraged to participate early so that you have more time to complete your Personal Narrative, but also because you will learn things at the workshop that will help you if you are applying for graduate school or for jobs/internships during your senior year.
  • Submit a Personal Narrative. You will receive lots of information about the requirements for the Personal Narrative at the DYN Workshop. When you are ready, you will submit your Personal Narrative via the GPS Path for Seniors on AUP Engage.
  • Optional Benefit: Add to Your Co-Curricular Record (CCR). Every student who is using AUP Engage has a CCR. Many things you did in 2018/2019 will be there already, as will the activities you complete and submit through the GPS Path. You are able to add more, however! This will be explained at the GPS Info Sessions, but you can learn all about building up your CCR in the section below: Working on Your CCR in AUP Engage.


Working on your GPS path in aup engage

As a senior in 2019/2020, when you sign up for GPS, you get access to a special GPS Path in AUP Engage that is designed just for you. However, you also have access to the main GPS Path (the one for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors), so you need to double check you are viewing the correct path when you are in AUP Engage.

Once you’ve been given access to the path for seniors, you will see this on your AUP Engage homepage:

gps seniors 1.png

Make sure you click on the path called “Seniors 2019/2020: Global Professional Skills Program”

When you have arrived at the page with the path for current seniors, click “make default”, so that every time your return, you see the correct path:

gps seniors 2.png

Click here to learn the how easy it is to work through your GPS Path in AUP Engage.

It is recommended that you take 30 minutes when you first access the GPS Path to click through all of the requirements, taking a moment to understand each one. From there, you should be able to develop a plan for how you intend to complete the GPS Program. If you’re having trouble (maybe you are not sure where one of your activities fits in, for example) this is something you can discuss with your GPS Advisor (assigned after you attend an Info Session), or you can feel very welcome to email with any questions – the GPS Team is invested in your success and will be very happy to help you trouble shoot!


Getting credit retroactively

Were you a member of a student organization or club in the past and you want that experience to appear on your CCR and count for GPS credit? Perhaps you participated in some other activity (such as organizing an event, the Alumni Career Mentoring Program, etc.) that you want to appear on your CCR?

The GPS team has made significant efforts to load as much retroactive information as possible onto your profile in AUP Engage. Make sure you take some time to thoroughly check out your progress through your GPS Path and your CCR first. Once you’ve done so, there will likely be some things you wish to add.

The AUP Engage platform tracks three types of information, (1) organization membership, (2) reported experiences, (3) event attendance.

1. Organization membership

The tracking of organization membership in AUP Engage includes your membership in clubs, sports teams, recreational activity clubs, committees, student government, ARC/tutoring, ASM Board, etc. Since AUP Engage is a new tool at AUP, launched in Spring 2019, your memberships before Spring 2019 may or may not have been tracked in your AUP Engage profile. If you were a member of an organization, or held a leadership role, and that information is not reflected on your CCR, the GPS team offers you a process to declare that information and, subject to its validation, have it added to your CCR and, when applicable, receive GPS credit.

To declare retroactive organization membership/leadership: submit this web form.

NOTE: You must submit the web form one time for each individual membership/leadership role that you wish to declare. After you have submitted the web form, the GPS team will work to validate your declaration, and once validated, the organization membership/leadership role will be added to your CCR and, if applicable, you will receive GPS credit. You will not be notified when your declaration is validated (so be sure to check back on your CCR & GPS Path regularly), however you will be contacted if the GPS team requires more information or is unable to validate your declaration.

2. Reported experiences

You can submit and track reported experiences through the GPS path (as explained in the section above: Working on Your GPS Path in AUP Engage) and via the Reported Experience tool on AUP Engage (as explained in the section below: Working on Your CCR in AUP Engage).

NOTE: Be sure to check out the list of Reported Experience categories in the Working on Your CCR in AUP Engage section below. The categories will give you a clear understanding of the types of activities that can count as Reported Experiences.

3. Event attendance

The tracking of event attendance in AUP Engage also began in Spring 2019 (with some exceptions for some GPS events in Fall 2018). In order for your attendance at an event to be tracked in AUP Engage, that specific event must actually exist in AUP Engage. This means that (with extremely few exceptions) events that took place before Spring 2019 will not be trackable in AUP Engage, and thus will not be able to be added to your CCR.

Click here to learn how to access, edit, and add to your CCR.

working on your ccr in aup engage

All AUP Students have a co-curricular record in AUP Engage. A lot of information is added to your CCR automatically, including things like your membership in organizations, your attendance at certain events, the internships your register with AUP, and the cultural program study trips you attend. However, there are some things you can have on your CCR that are up to you to add (such as retroactive experiences and reported experiences).

Click here to learn how to access, edit, and add to your CCR.