AUP for Consent is an association at The American University of Paris which seeks to create a community for survivors and promote the conversation and education surrounding consent, sexual assault, and healthy relationships. We strive to offer resources and safe spaces for survivors at AUP so that all voices can be listened to, respected, and believed. We envision a community in which all survivors feel safe and encouraged to seek help, whether it be in reporting a case of assault, dealing with post-traumatic stress, or simply clearing up any confusion about what it means to practice safe and consensual sex.

AUP for Consent is 100% inclusive, available to all identities including the LBTQAI+ community and cis-identifying men and women.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, suggestions, or if you're interested in getting involved.


Take Back the Night

In April 2018, AUP For Consent hosted Take Back the Night. The event was an opportunity to share, listen, empower and heal with the AUP community.