Learning dressage, jumping, and cross country—or equestrian sports—is a love the United States and France share. It’s no wonder then that there’s an excellent opportunity open to all AUP students to learn and improve their equestrian skills.

The AUP Equestrian Club is a competitive team that regularly enjoys practice sessions and tournaments in the University League competitions in the Paris area. Lessons take place one afternoon a week at a stable located an hour and a half from AUP’s campus. The team practices mainly dressage and jumping, offering team members the chance to compete in both EQ disciplines. 

If you have already taken equestrian classes this term, you can pay for them online.

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To sign up for the class, a medical certificate from a French doctor must be provided to the athletics office. The equestrian club requires a fee of € 50 per semester for 10 sessions. Please note that all equestrian lessons offered for the AUP team are taught in French. AUP students of all levels are welcome.

Contact the athletics office to join to the equestrian club today.

Watch AUP's Equestrian team captain Dasha Goncharova and team member Christopher Knapp introduce students to a typical practice session...