Baytna à Vous' mission

Baytna à Vous, translated as Our Home for You, is a student-led initiative at AUP with a focus on the Syrian Refugee Crisis in France. Over 3 million refugees have fled Syria as it reaches its fourth year in devestation. While most refugees are in neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan, hundreds of thousands of them are risking their lives to make it across waters to European soils in hopes of finding a safe and healthy environment for their children. With almost 7000 Syrian refugees currently in France, the French leaders have chosen to accept another 24,000 Syrian refugees in the next two years. The purpose of our club is to provide the help and support that these newcomers need to settle into their new home. As students of AUP, it is also important that we play our part in raising awareness of the refugee crisis in Europe.

Baytna à Vous' activities

We hope to raise awareness in the form of information sessions and panel discussions with experts open to all students.  We will also be organizing fundraisers and charity drives to help the refugees with their basic needs as well as help them settle into France.  


Who do we help?

Souria Houria was founded in May 2011 by a group of Syrians and Franco-Syrians from various political, professional and social backgrounds, with the aim to support the Syrian people in their struggle for freedom, democracy and dignity.

CODSSY's mission is to provide emergency assistance to victims of the Syrian conflict, regardless of their ethnic, religious or socio-economic status. They collaborate on different objectives in order to allow redeployment of aid in Syria and in countries where Syrians find refuge.