AMP: AUP Music and Performing Club

One of the most active clubs on campus, the AUP Music and Performing Club (AMP) is in charge of all the Open Mic nights at the Amex Café as well as other musical events that happen throughout the year like the Showcase in the spring and the Holiday Bash in the fall.

They also manage the Music Room. Located in the basement of Combes, the Music Room is home to an excellent and eclectic collection of instruments and equipment.

AMP uses all of its resources to keep music and performance alive and kicking at AUP. They make sure that instruments and equipment are always available, updating an inventory each semester and repairing any damaged items.

All students who are interested in using this room must fill out this online sign up sheet.


Find out more about Open Mic Night...

The AMP Club works hand in hand with the USC and GSC Social Directors to organize Open Mic nights. For technical information, please contact the AMP at For information about participating, please contact the SGA’s social directors at and