UNICEF's Campus program acts as a student association that allows students to carry out campus outreach missions in alignment with UNICEF’s main mission, which is to Save, Protect and Educate Children, based on the Convention on the Rights of the Children. Our group works on behalf of UNICEF France raising awareness of the rights of the community of children, and beyond. Our association is to establishes a link between AUP, other CAMPUS UNICEF associations, and UNICEF FRANCE.

Executive team:

  • Fatima Perez, President
  • Viviana Alvarado, Vice-President
  • Grace Hanley, Secretary
  • Nowalzi Mjwara, Social Media Director


UNICEF activities

As a CAMPUS UNICEF association we are an antenna of the Comité de Paris of UNICEF France. What UNICEF CAMPUS AUP will look like will depend on those who join the club. We want to remain open and flexible as an organization to create activities that align with our objectives and work independently but alongside UNICEF France. In line with our objectives, we foresee organizing the following events in the future:

  • Conferences
  • Collaborating with other branches of Unicef Campus
  • Concerts
  • Art exhibitions
  • UNICEF product sales
  • Soirées