UNICEF’s campus program allows students to carry out campus outreach assignments that support UNICEF’s main mission to Save, Protect and Educate Children, one that is founded upon the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Our group works on behalf of UNICEF France to raise awareness about the rights of children, among other groups, and strives to establish strong links among AUP, other Campus UNICEF associations, and UNICEF France.

Executive team:

  • Tomislava Tomova, President
  • Laura Moreano, Vice-President


UNICEF activities

As a Campus UNICEF association, we are one branch of the Comité de Paris of UNICEF France and are responsible for promoting international unity; raising awareness worldwide; improving children's welfare; organizing fundraisers; and working closely with representatives from UNICEF France. As of now, we have organized:

  • Initiatives for Nuit de l'eau at the Blomet swimming pool;
  • An art gala and auction;
  • Coordinated costume, candy, and rose sales for Halloween
  • Universal Children’s Day and International Women’s Day
  • Hosted FIFA Night and the Service Clubs Showcase
  • Set up a screening and panel discussion of the documentary Wallah - je te jure, which was produced by the International Organization for Migration and follows the journeys of those traveling along West African migration routes to Italy. This last event was featured on UNICEF’s Comité de Paris website.

Take a look at some photos from our events below.