Where the Executive Council and Senate have a bird’s eye view of happenings on campus, committees manage initiatives at a more detailed level. Student committees enable students to mobilize on campus for things they are passionate about, be it environmental concerns, social justice issues, or coordinating sports for the student body.

Each committee has a chair, co-chair, and a faculty advisor. The committees are:

Environmental and Community Service Committee (ECS)

AUP CaresRoots & ShootsAUP Green, and Baytna à Vous, four student-led clubs, come together under the umbrella of this committee to promote sustainable communities and development. Most recently, for example, AUP Cares distributed blankets to the homeless during the cold winter months; Roots & Shoots hosted an evening with the renowned Jane Goodall to celebrate her 80th birthday and raise over €10K for the Jane Goodall Institute France; AUP Green worked toward revamping the university’s recycling program; and Baytna à Vous is working on fundraising and raising awareness about refugees. What the groups will accomplish this year depends on you.

Contact ecs@aup.edu to find out more.

Chair: Alexandra Elz
Co-Chairs: Eleni Zafiroulis, Camolie Fagerberg, Ida kagnes
Advisor: Joëlle Gewolb - jgewolb@aup.edu

Office Hours: Tuesdays 13:00-14:00

Activities & Clubs Committee (ACC)

One of the core SGA-mandated committees at the University, the Activities and Clubs Committee comprises the SGA Treasurer, a student chair or co-chairs and a staff advisor. Together, we meet twice weekly to discuss upcoming student-led projects and to review requests for SGA-sponsored funding. Any student or student club interested in taking the lead on a project that contributes to the AUP community should first meet with the ACC for support and advice.

The ACC starts by reviewing your project in detail, ensuring that your goals are achievable and that they align with the University’s mission. Then we take a careful look at your budget to check that all requests are clear and cost effective. Members of the ACC share helpful tips on event planning, promotion, reaching out to other members of the community and budgeting. Once a project is vetted and supported by the ACC, it is ready to be brought before the Student Senate for approval. Student Senate meets weekly on Wednesdays, Period 3 (12:10-13:30) in C104.

Stop by for a consultation with the ACC in the Student Leadership Lounge on the third floor of Combes. Our office hours are announced at the start of every semester. Contact us at acc@aup.edu or read more about getting started with your club or project here.

Fall 2015 ACC Office Hours
Monday: 15:30-16:30
Thursday: 15:30-16:30

Chairs: Petra Kroupova, Eric Ritchie
SGA Treasurer: Luljeta Malota
Staff Advisor: Kevin Fore

Judiciary Committee

The Judiciary Committee plays a vital role in maintaining fair, transparent and efficient student government on campus. Any changes to the SGA constitution are subject first to review by the Judiciary Committee, which has the power to veto proposed changes that are viewed as unconstitutional. The committee sits on the election taskforce, to ensure that all elections for SGA senate and executive positions are held according to strict and unbiased rules.

For questions about the SGA constitution, elections, or other such matters, contact: sga_judiciary@aup.edu

Chair: Celeste Palmer
Advisor: Marc Montheard - mmontheard@aup.edu

Social Committee

The AUP Social Committee is dedicated to creating a stronger AUP community through helping to plan exciting events for the students in our diverse community. The SC helps all the clubs, committees, students, and societies around campus plan, advertise, and execute any events they please. SC will reserve a room, add the event to the official AUP website, advertise with posters and social media, present to the weekly senate meetings, and most importantly, spread the word about the event.
The Social Committee is an active presence on campus that helps all students create successful and fun events. Each year they team up with the Music Club to bring Open Mic Nights in the Amex. They help the SGA to plan and execute not only big events like the Halloween Party and International Student Soiree, but the smaller department open houses, student film festivals, and guest speakers.
Want to plan an event? Come talk to us! Can’t come during office hours? Send us an email.

Contact them at sc@aup.edu for more information.

Chair: Sarah Harper-Johnston
Senate Vice-Chair: Victoria Lewis
Co-chairs: Maria Rodriguez, Alexandra Gray, Clara Zimmermann
Amex coordinator: Gabriela Gallo
Advisor: Joëlle Gewolb - jgewolb@aup.edu

Office Hours are as follows: 

Wednesdays: 10:35-12:00 
Thursdays: 10:35-12:00