Comforts of Home, AUP’s housing partner, provides high-quality, shared housing for first-year students.

Comforts of Home provides shared living arrangements in authentic Parisian apartments, which preserve the experience of living in the city while at the same time giving you the safety and feel of an American college setting. By sharing a home with fellow classmates, you are able to take advantage of AUP’s rich cultural diversity right from the start of your experience here. Each furnished apartment features a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Most students will share a double bedroom with a roommate, and enjoy the shared common spaces open to all. Wireless Internet access, utilities, and housing taxes are included in the rental cost, and all apartments are within 30 minutes maximum commuting distance to AUP. COH is at your service if maintenance issues may arise such as leaks, malfunctioning appliances, or heat and hot water issues should arrise.

To reserve with Comforts of Home, please visit their website.