Every student, alum, faculty and staff member at The American University of Paris has an account. Find out all the privileges of being an AUP digital citizen.


The NetID

Each account starts with the AUP NetID. This is the computer network account that gives you access to the University’s digital services. Each ID is unique. For students, it’s your five-digit student number preceded by the letter “a”. For example, if your student ID number is 12345, your NetID would look like “a12345.” For staff the NetID looks like "jdoe" or "bobama".

As a student, you can use the NetID as a key to access the student portal, university computers on campus, your personal storage space, your email account, Blackboard @ AUP, campus Wi-Fi, your library account, and more.


Email, storage, and website

Upon enrollment, every student is provided a personal email account, digital storage space on the AUP server, and space for a personal website.

  • AUP email account. An AUP email account is assigned to each NetID ( ). All official University communications are sent to this address, so it’s important that you check this email daily. This email account cannot be forwarded to an external address.
  • Digital storage space. In addition to the email address, you have access to personal file storage on a Z drive. Because this is backed up nightly, it’s an extremely secure place to store files. You can access your Z drive from any campus computer or on your laptop via your internal portal.
  • Personal website. As if an email account and a Z drive weren’t enough, AUP provides each student with digital space for a personal website. You can develop your site using HTML/X HTML and PHP.



Each semester, a certain number of free pages is allotted to each student, so students don’t need to pay for printing from campus computers. Students can also print from their own laptops via Wi-Fi. All you have to do is visit https://printing.aup.edu and click “Web Print.” Should any student want to print more than the pre-allotted free pages, additional printing credits may be purchased via the internal portal.


Learning and development

Lynda.com is a company that provides a vast array of tutorials on digital tools, from the Adobe Suite to Zoomerang. AUP provides all students with a free subscription to this valuable tool. Visit lynda.aup.edu to set up your access.