One of the University’s largest student-run organizations, AUP Student Media (ASM) is the epicenter of AUP’s multicultural urban campus, connecting students, academic departments, alumni, and the world. We’re dedicated to bringing interesting content and professional publication opportunities to the AUP community while exploring and creating innovative media outlets.


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Print Media


ASM publishes a variety of print products during the year, including Peacock Magazine The Lutetian and Paris/Atlantic scholarly journals and a yearbook.

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Digital Media


The Peacock Post is our newly rebranded website focused on politics, culture and the arts. Featuring a wide range of stories, serious and quirky, the site will inform, distract and entertain.

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Broadcast Media


Peacock TV is an audiovisual journalism platform that produced a weekly broadcast and updated content about campus news as well as events in Paris.

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The Board


The student-led Executive Board is responsible for facilitating communication between media sources, and ensuring that ASM maintains a positive sense of community with an efficient working environment.

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    In Memoriam: Charlotte Kessler
    March 23

    To All Members of the AUP Community, To those of us who have served AUP for many years, learning of the loss this week, at 90, of Assistant Dean Charlotte Kessler, one of AUP's most devoted administrators, brings to mind much institutional history,...

  • Events

    News & Events - Events Block Home
    April 01

    Global Media for Social Impact Conference


    The American University of Paris is proud to announce its forthcoming one-of-a-kind roundtable on "Global Media for Social Impact" featuring President Celeste Schenck and Professor Susan Perry with...

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