We recommend that students have a French phone, in order to keep in touch with friends in Paris, as well as for emergency and safety reasons.

Getting a cell phone

Before trying to get a French phone plan, you must first make sure your phone is unlocked. There are some boutiques around Paris which will do this for you, but you are much better off having it done by the original carrier before coming to France. To get a French phone contract you will need to show your passport with a long term visa of at least 6 months (carte de séjour) and a RIB (bank information). You will not be able to open a French phone contract without these documents. Phone contracts in France can come with contracts of one or two years, but some providers offer non-contractual plans. This means you can cancel the plan whenever you like at no charge. Orange, Free, Bouygues, and SFR are the main telephone companies in Paris. Orange and SFR offer discounted plans with their branches of Sosh and Red by SFR for minimal prices. Plan on paying between 20-50 euros per month for you phone, depending on the plan and the additional options you choose (Internet, international calls, etc). Leaving before the end of a contract will result in additional payments.

Another great option for students on a budget or those staying only a semester or a year are pay-as-you-go phone. These phones are recharged with credit and you only pay for the calls that you make. Incoming calls are free of charge in France.

Internet at your place

While many apartments in Paris will include Internet in the rent already, you may have to subscribe to an Internet provider if your apartment does not include it. Most cell phone companies will offer deals for getting both cell phone service and Internet subscriptions through them. They commonly have unlimited Internet subscriptions for approximately 30-45 euros per month. The most popular Internet companies in Paris are Numericable, SFR/Neufbox, Free, Orange, and Bouygues

Com Avenue store in the 7th

This phone and Internet subscription store is in walking distance of the AUP campus. Their English speaking sales staff will be able to assist you with all of your phone and Internet questions. They also do repairs on any electronics.

24, rue du Champ de Mars
Tel: +33 (0)1 45 55 00 07

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