Safety and Security Updates

This page provides to all members of our AUP community the latest news and advice on safety and security in Paris. At this time, we will be using it to keep our wider community informed about developments in the Gilets Jaunes movement, which is ongoing.

December, 19th 2018

Even though things seem to be calming down, it's impossible to predict whether there will be much of a turnout for an “Act Six” this weekend.

December, 13th 2018

As Act 5 of the Gilets Jaunes demonstrations appears to be on for this coming Saturday, the University's position remains the same as last week.

December, 13th 2018

We're turning the corner on the semester, as students dig in deep to finish their papers and presentations, and study for exams, with one more Saturday of demonstrations in Paris this weekend to get through.

December, 10th 2018

Saturday's Gilets Jaunes demonstration went about as well as it could for our community.

December, 6th 2018

We have been monitoring all week the social media conversation amongst the gilets jaunes and the response of the government, and have decided to give strict guidelines to all AUP students for the coming days.

December, 5th 2018

It remains likely –whatever the response of the government– that the manifestation will continue next weekend.

December, 2nd 2018

A national movement of largely peaceful protesters, known as the "gilets jaunes," or yellow vests, met in Paris for the second consecutive Saturday to protest a recent rise in taxes on gasoline, the diminished power of their pocketbooks, and a host of other economic issues.