New students will be registered with a private health insurance company named MSH International that covers all basic medical costs as well as some alternative medicine.

This coverage includes eye glasses, contact lenses, preventive dental treatment, alternative medicine such as chiropractic care, doctors who make house calls (SOS Médecins), up to fifteen sessions a semester with a psychologist, and much more. You can consult the student health care handbook [pdf] for more details.

New students will have the possibility to get enrolled in the French Social Security starting September 1st. The students who will get the Social Security will be able to pay less for the private insurance. This is entirely optional and student will have to sign up online on the new French Social Security website dedicated to foreign students. The health office will provide assistance if requested. New students who sign up will need to send their claims directly to French social security.


Cost of the Health Care Plan

The cost of the health care plan is charged directly to your student account, and payment is due for new students when they register for classes.

Students who obtain a French Social Security number may request a health fee refund of 170€ provided they do so by October 15 in fall and February 15 in spring and that they have not yet made any medical reimbursement requests from MSH.

Service Cost Validity
Health Insurance Full Package €440 One Semester
Health Complementary Insurance (for students with French Social Security) €270 One Semester


Step-by-step reimbursement process

  • Health Insurance Full Package

Come by the Health Office with your claims and a RIB (bank details). Don’t forget to write your AUP ID number on each claim, and to bring your prescription for any pharmacy/laboratory/X-ray/nurse/physiotherapist claim.

  • Health Complementary Insurance

Come by the Health Office with your claims, prescriptions and your RIB (bank details). We will show you how to fill the forms correctly. You will have to send the claims first to CPAM de Paris: Assurance Maladie de Paris 75948 PARIS CEDEX 19

Then in about three to four weeks, you will get a “décompte” on your social security account, you should send it to MSH (complementary insurance) or email it at, we will send it for you.


Please note that having a Carte Vitale avoid all these procedures so you should apply for one as soon as possible.


How to opt out of AUP’s health care plan

There are two conditions under which you may opt out of the complementary insurance. First, if your parents live in Paris and you have an insurance that covers you in France that is equivalent to the Mutuelle, you may opt out. Second, if you are working part-time or full-time and your company covers you for health insurance in France you may be able to opt out.

For students whose parents’ insurance covers them, the following must be provided:

For students whose employers’ insurance covers them, the following must be provided:

  • copy of your contract from the company you work for
  • a valid proof of insurance

All documents must be provided to the health plan coordinator no later than at the orientation check-in.