The French government passed a new law on March 8, 2018 that will result in what it considers a simplification of French social security health coverage for 1.8 million students in France. Many of the details about how the law will be applied, however, have yet to be confirmed by the government. Information currently listed on this page will likely change once we know more in the months ahead. For more about the law, please read:

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In some rare cases, students may be eligible for an exemption. To be eligible, you must provide the Health Office a certificate from your insurance company in your name, stating that you will be covered for the duration of your stay in Paris. Dates of coverage, including a start date and an end date, must be clearly stated.

Status Documents to Provide
Visiting students

A proof of insurance which must indicate:

Coverage for at least 45,000 U.S. Dollars


General medical treatment

Medical repatriation

Return of mortal remains

Students with family in Ile de France

Proof that you have a family member who lives in Paris

A valid proof of insurance

Exemption form signed

Copy of the Carte Vitale if you have one

Returning students over 28

Valid proof of insurance

Student employed in France

Copy of your CDD/CDI

Proof that your company covers you


Coverage must be valid for the whole time that you are here to study with dates clearly visible. The requirements are non-negotiable.

The deadline to receive an exemption from AUP health coverage is the last day of orientation week. No exemption will be approved after this date, and no exceptions will be made.

Any exemption that is approved must be updated every year. That is to say, that if you plan to attend AUP for several years, for example, you must apply for an exemption at the start of each academic year.

While exemptions are possible in a limited number of cases, we strongly encourage you to enroll in the AUP health care plan as is guarantees adequate coverage and allows AUP staff to provide full support should any emergency arise.

Keep in mind that the AUP Health Office does not take responsibility for the insurance of exempt students. If a student is planning on applying for an exemption, they should become familiar with the details of their independent insurance contract, especially regarding reimbursement and hospitalization procedures before arriving in Paris.

To download the exemption form, click here.