DeLamater & Shaw Creative Arts Fellowships

Sin-ming Shaw ’65 and Marie DeLamater, a co-founder of the University with her husband Lloyd DeLamater, have created a fellowship to support student exploration of the performing and visual arts at AUP. Successful candidates will be named DeLamater-Shaw Arts Fellows.


Areas of Activity in which Support may be Sought

The DeLamater & Shaw Arts Fellowships are awarded to a student or a collaborative group of students proposing either individual or collective projects, such as, but not limited to:

  • A film or a video project,
  • A stage play and/or staged performance,
  • Performance art.

The Application Review Committee encourages students to submit applications from a wide range of art forms. The Committee will be open-minded in its criteria of what is appropriate for funding and will prioritize projects that combine different forms of art - such as the fine arts, creative writing, stage, film, and video performance – and that will be shared within the university Community or beyond.

Compensation for the artist’s time is not eligible for funding. As such and as example, Creative Writing unrelated to a collaborative project, like a play to be staged or a composition for a musical performance, will not be considered for funding.


Funding Available

The maximum awarded per year will be up to 8,000 euros in total. If there is no deserving application, the funding will be reserved for a later year.

How to Apply?

Submit a written proposal, to include:

  • A statement of purpose
  • A project description
  • An outreach paragraph, describing how the result of the project will be shared within AUP or with the wider community
  • A portfolio representing the applicant(s) creative accomplishment to date
  • A timeline
  • A detailed budget and funding schedule using the template provided in the application form (the last 15% will be available only after completion of the project)
  • An endorsement on the application form by the student’s or the group’s faculty advisor. 

Fill out the application form online to apply for the DeLamater & Shaw Arts Fellowships. If you have any questions or issues with the application form, please write to

What is Required?

A successfully completed project by the date of the end of classes in May. A longer completion may be considered if the justification is part of the proposal.

The successful candidate is expected to provide a regular update to the supervising faculty on a timely basis agreed upon by both parties.

A complete financial report with original receipts for expenses.

Funding will be available following the funding schedule agreed in the proposal. In exceptional circumstances, the committee may provide a more accelerated distribution of funds.

Who can Apply?

Individual students or groups of currently enrolled students holding at least sophomore status.

Key Dates Academic Year 2017-2018

Deadlines for the application rounds:
Round opens: November 20th, 2017
Round closes: December 15th, 2017
Annual Fellowships Announced: Before the beginning of the spring semester.


Common Features of a Strong Application for Funding:

A strong application should:

  • Be clear and convincing about what is being proposed and how it will be achieved.
  • Demonstrate that the student/s has the relevant levels of skill to accomplish the project.
  • Provide a realistic, itemized budget. If co-funding is necessary, the budget notes should specify the schedule of co-funding the applicant intends to obtain and include a contingency plan in case essential additional funding is not obtained).