Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

AUP educates global citizens and future leaders by offering a special kind of American liberal arts education. While the programs and faculty are second to none, AUP makes sure to keep undergraduate and graduate degrees affordable so that its unique classroom experience is available to a diverse group of students. To understand how University costs will impact your financial planning, please have a look at:

If you are currently enrolled as an AUP undergraduate student and wish to refer to the academic year 2013-2014 tuition and costs, please click here.

General information about payments

All payments must be made in euros and tuition paid in full before classes begin. Full-time tuition is the same whether students enroll in three or four courses per semester (12-18 credits). Students are considered part-time with a course load of 11 credits or less. Part-time tuition for 2014-15 is 831 euros per credit and is determined on a per-credit basis.

AUP's financial aid program is open to students of all nationalities. Please contact your admissions counselor for information about how to apply for financial aid. American students may also apply for federal loans.

All payments can be made online here.

Please click here to find more information about how you can make your payments.

Undergraduate student cost of attendance

There are three payment plan options illustrated with fees covering tuition, health insurance, and orientation for undergraduate students. More information about the undergraduate overall cost of attendance is available at the financial aid office.

Payment plan options

The American University of Paris is sensitive to the financial pressure that may arise over the payment of each semester’s tuition. As a result, the University has developed three payment plans to meet different students’ needs. These options are available only to full-time students.

Yearly payment plan

Full-time students may pay for a full academic year (fall and spring semesters). Payment must be received by July 15. Students using this plan benefit from a tuition reduction of €530, thus making full tuition €26,060.

Students receiving a University tuition grant are not eligible for this tuition reduction. Yearly payments may not begin during the spring semester.

  Fall 2014 (4 months) Spring 2015 (5 months) 2014-2015 Academic Year
Tuition 13,295 13,295 26,590
Tuition per credit 831 831 N/A
Health fees (*) 901 0 901
Orientation fee (**) 380 0 380
Required fees (sub-total) €14,576 €13,295 €27,871

* The health fees are subject to minor changes.
** The orientation fee is a one-time cost for new students.
*** Final figures to be published in summer 2014.


Semester payment plan

Full-time students may opt to pay one-half of the annual amount of tuition prior to the start of each semester. The following payment deadlines pertain to each semester: 

Fall 2014 - July 15
Spring 2015 - December 15
Summer 2015 - April 30

Students who do not pay for the entire semester’s tuition prior to the beginning of the semester are automatically charged a €200 late payment fee and need to get in touch with the Student Accounting Services Office.

Tuition and fees for students on the semester payment plan, for visiting students spending only one semester at AUP, and for degree-seeking students starting AUP in the spring semester:

  One semester only (5 months)
Tuition 13,295
Health fees (*) 558
Orientation fee (**) 380
Required fees (sub-total) €14,233

(*) The health fees are subject to minor changes. Final figures to be published in Summer 2014.
(**) The orientation fee is a one-time cost for new students.

Monthly payment plan

Full-time students may apply to pay on the monthly payment plan. This plan consists of four monthly installments for each semester before the beginning of the semester, and the first month is due upon receipt of invoice.

Tuition and fees due in full prior to the start of a semester.

  • For the fall semester, the four monthly installments will be paid in May, June, July, and August. To avoid late fees, the payments must be received by September 1.
  • For the spring semester, the payments must be submitted during the fall (by September, October, November, and December) and be received by January 1. 

Fees are due in full on the first monthly payment. Tuition is divided into four monthly payments.

A service fee of €200 is charged for the monthly plan.

Tuition and fees for any student who wishes to pay in installments:

  First month Remaining 3 months
Tuition 3,324 3,324
Health fees (*) 901 or 558 --
Orientation fee (**) 380 --
Service fee 50 50
TOTAL (in Euros) €4,655 or €4,312 €3,374

(*) The health fees are subject to minor changes. Final figures will be published in Summer 2014.
(**) The orientation fee is a one-time cost for new students.


  Payment schedule for monthly payment plan
  1st payment 2nd payment 3rd payment 4th and final payment
Fall Upon receipt of invoice or 1 June 1 July 1 August 1 September
Spring Upon receipt of invoice or 1 October 1 November 1 December 1 January


Full-time tuition

Full-time tuition (12-18 credits) covers basic tuition for four courses per semester. Course overloads are possible: once approved and registered, they’re charged on a per-credit basis, on top of full-time tuition.

Full-time tuition includes the cost of student activities, academic support services, and housing services.

Part-time tuition

Tuition is charged on a per-credit basis for students enrolled in 1-11 credits during fall and spring semesters. Tuition for 2014-15 is €831 per credit.

Auditor fee

Auditors pay 50% of the per-credit basis. As tuition for 2014-15 is €831 per credit, the auditor rate will be €415  per credit.

Late payment fee

A €250 late payment fee will be charged for any tuition received after the published payment deadlines.

Other required payments

Application fee

The nonrefundable application fee must be sent with the application form. For more information, please consult the admissions pages.

Confirmation deposit

Upon acceptance to the University, new students are required to pay a €500 nonrefundable confirmation deposit that is credited toward the first semester's tuition. If students confirm and then fail to register for the semester for which they have reserved a place, the deposit will not be returned. New students will receive invoices from student accounting services once they complete the online confirmation process. The confirmation deposit will be deducted from the refunds of new students who withdraw during the full-refund period.

Orientation and advising fee

The orientation fee covers all activities that occur during the orientation program of a student's first semester, as well as academic advising, course registration, workshops, cultural activities, and materials.

  • For those who need temporary accommodation during orientation, the fee is €530.
  • For those wno do not need temporary accommodation during orientation, the fee is €380.

Health insurance

The University is legally responsible for ensuring that all full-time students have adequate health insurance coverage. Degree-seeking students are automatically enrolled in, and billed for, the comprehensive and mandatory plan arranged for by the University. The health insurance fee is paid once a year during your first semester and will cover you for the year. A waiver is possible for visiting students upon receipt of proof of valid insurance.

Overdue, lost, or damaged library and multimedia materials

Students are responsible for materials borrowed with their AUP student identification card. Fees are charged for damaged, lost, or unreturned materials at the end of each semester. Unpaid overdue fines block further loans and grades. Fines of 16€ and over will be billed by student accounting services.

Replacement of lost diploma

The fee for the replacement of a lost diploma is €60. The diploma can be ordered online here.