President's Alumni Advisory Council

About the PAAC

Founded in 2013, the PAAC draws upon the considerable talents of alumni who come together to support the University, act as a sounding board for AUP leadership and as a conduit from alumni to the University with the overarching goal of furthering AUP’s alumni engagement, recruitment, and advancement efforts. The PAAC is led by President Sonya Stephens and chaired by Board of Trustee member Elliott Burdette ’70.


In the Fall of 2020, the PAAC established three subcommittees focusing on diversity, alumni affairs, and university advancement. The function of subcommittees is to engage alumni on especially important topics and to advise AUP’s progress in these critical areas. Each subcommittee outlines specific goals for the year and works towards accomplishing them in their respective alumni communities. 

Diversity Subcommittee

Chair:  Alexis Jeffries ’12 (Los Angeles, CA)

The Diversity Subcommittee actively supports AUP’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. They proactively engage alumni in creating and amplifying a diverse and inclusive alumni community and act as alumni liaisons to AUP’s Diversity Council. This committee also works collaboratively to nominate new members to ensure that the diversity of the PAAC accurately reflects the diversity of AUP’s global alumni community.  

Advancement Subcommittee

Chair: Monica Heslington. ’97 (New York, NY)

The Advancement Subcommittee works to propel AUP towards its strategic fundraising goals with a focus on engaging alumni at all levels of giving. This body acts as the alumni liaison to the Office of Communications and Outreach, particularly during the organization of AUP’s semi-annual Giving Day. Committee members act as campaign advocates, donors, and engaged volunteers for a myriad of fundraising efforts. 

Alumni Affairs Subcommittee

Chair: Ana-Belen Gomez G'19 (New York, NY)

The Alumni Affairs Subcommittee works to develop and expand various alumni volunteer networks and support initiatives to garner alumni support in creative ways. This committee works with AUP staff to recruit alumni mentors, establish lasting infrastructure for alumni volunteer networks such as the Alumni Representatives, bolster support for local alumni chapters, and increase the profile of the PAAC.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I join the PAAC, how much of my time can I expect to commit?

The PAAC meets three to four times annually (two or three times in-person, one time virtually). Subcommittees meet virtually before each all-PAAC meeting. In-person meetings are typically held on Saturdays; members meet in the morning, enjoy lunch together, and collaborate in smaller groups in the afternoon. 

The annual virtual meeting is 90 minutes and held during the work week. Members are asked to join two meetings per academic year: one all-PAAC and one subcommittee meeting.  

Where does the PAAC meet?

Typically, the PAAC meets in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris each year. In the past we have also hosted meetings in London, and Dubai. Meeting locations may change from year to year. Virtual access is now available for all meetings.

This year the PAAC will meet in:

  • New York, New York | November 12th, 2022
  • Los Angeles, California | April 15th, 2023
  • Paris, France | May 18th & 19th, 2023


When does the PAAC meet?

The PAAC’s meeting schedule changes slightly each year, but members can expect to meet in November, April, and May. Most in-person meetings occur on Saturdays so members can attend easily.  Subcommittees meet online at least once per semester to connect and discuss their ongoing efforts.


How do PAAC members contribute financially?

PAAC members are ardent supporters of the University in giving their time, sharing their expertise, and making an annual gift to AUP. For PAAC members who graduated more than 10 years ago, the annual PAAC gift is €1,000. For members who graduated less than 10 years ago the annual PAAC gift is €500. Annual PAAC gifts are used to maintain the activities of the council. Thanks to the generosity of PAAC members, financial sponsorship is available to recent graduates, or other prospective members demonstrating financial need. Please contact for more information.


What is expected of me if I join the PAAC?

Each academic year PAAC members are expected to:

  • Join at least one PAAC meeting virtually or in person,
  • Serve on at least one subcommittee,
  • Attend at least one subcommittee meeting,
  • Make their annual PAAC gift of €500 or €1000.


Why join the PAAC?

Serving on the PAAC is an opportunity to support the university that means so much to us all. Giving back whether it is funding, or our time is an essential component of any institution's stakeholders and the alumni network in this case reaches far and wide across the world.

Sultan Al Qassemi ‘98

Join the PAAC to engage with a terrific group of internationally minded alumni dedicated to AUP. Meetings are informative, you’ll get to know AUP very well, and the evening regional alumni gatherings are always a huge amount of fun. I certainly enjoy hosting the New York City PAAC events.

Elan Garonzik '70