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Demos21 Lecture Series

Organized by the Center for Critical Democracy Studies at The American University of Paris

Supra-national governance, global finance, climate change, racial and gender injustice, radical and inequalities, social media: the list is now long of the processes that are profoundly reshaping the collective foundations of our contemporary democracies. How do we build political and social solidarity within, beyond and below the scale of the nation-state to confront these essential challenges? What shape will the publics vital to dynamic democratic life take in the decades to come? What demos for the twenty-first century?

The Demos21 convocation is hosted by the Center for Critical Democracy Studies and explores these essential problems of contemporary democracy. The programming includes lecture series on Race and Law, the Digital Demos, Contemporary European Democratic Theory, Democracy and Deradicalization as well as events, meals and an exhibition around the theme of the contemporary demos. The program will be speaking across languages, across cultures, across disciplines, and across media. The program comprises major lectures open to the public, workshops on important themes of diplomacy, leadership classes, roundtables on key themes relating to democracy, films, book readings, and more.