Global Professional Skills Program (GPS)

Your journey, though academic, isn't just about academics. You do so much more while you're at AUP. The new GPS program gives you certification for what you already do. The extracurricular activities that drive you — whether it's volunteering with an international NGO, interning with your dream fashion designer, or participating in one of AUP's many clubs — connect with your transcripts to boost your career prospects after graduation and launch you into your next phase as a global explorer.

The Global Professional Skills (GPS) Program allows you to show the rest of the world what you are passionate about. Earn University certification to take with you as you embark on your career.

What is it?

Starting in Fall 2018, if you are an undergraduate, degree-seeking student, you will be encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities during your time at AUP. You will be able to generate a co-curricular record (CCR) that registers all of your activities from semester to semester. All activities are tracked through an online application.

In addition to this record, seniors are encouraged to complete our GPS Program starting with our pilot program in Spring 2018. To successfully earn a GPS certificate, you will be asked to explore the four core capabilities listed below. Each is designed, in the words of AUP’s mission, "to challenge you to master and to make, to reflect and to apply and to analyze and to act in hands-on, real-world settings."

At the heart of this program, co-curricular activities provide an ideal sandbox in which you discover new interests and improve your skills.

Why do it?

In addition to providing a structure for you to record and reflect on your co-curricular and extracurricular activities – thus learning about yourself and the world and preparing yourself for life after graduation – the program also offers the following takeaways:

  • Receive an official co-curricular record of your activities to share with graduate schools and employers;
  • Participate in a Designing Your Narrative Workshop: develop a compelling and coherent narrative about yourself, your interests, and your achievements;
  • Have the chance to present your narrative (numerous options to do so, including to a panel of employers and AUP alumni in April);
  • Receive a GPS Certificate;
  • Top student presenters will be invited to meet the AUP Board of Trustees;
  • One winning submission will receive the President's Award at graduation.
How to do it?

Begin by exploring the four core capabilities featured on these pages. Each competency features information that will help you to get familiar with the activities and services that will help you complete each capability. When ready, validate your experience through an online web form (please note that this is currently only available to seniors). Validate as many relevant experiences as you would like during your time at AUP. They will all go on your co-curricular record. After you have explored the four core capabilities and validated the necessary experiences, complete the program through participation in a GPS workshop and a final presentation to the GPS committee, which will earn you the GPS certificate.

  • Must be an AUP degree-seeking senior with a minimum 2.5 GPA.
  • Must complete all hours required for each capability
  • Participate in GPS workshop
  • Prepare and present a final presentation

Registration for the Spring 2018 GPS pilot program is now closed. Check back soon for more information about the 2018-19 program schedule.

Independent, Creative Thinkers

GPS Core Capability

Think critically about your place in the world and how to shape your future. Read more...

Engaged, Lifelong Learners

GPS Core Capability

Meet the challenges of personal and professional growth beyond university. Read more...

Responsible Actors and Empowered Leaders

GPS Core Capability

Apply your knowledge and skills to the global challenges of the 21st Century. Read more...

Adaptable communicators with a global perspective

GPS Core Capability

Skillfully engage with diversity and difference in an international setting. Read more...

Program Calendar

Month Activity
February Attend information session with Advising and Student Development to find out more.
Begin Registering activities through online form; continuing to fill it out each time you complete an activity.
End of March Participate in GPS workshop.
End of April Prepare final presentation; all students who present will earn a GPS certificate.
Before Graduation Top presenters attend Trustees award ceremony; top submission receives Trustees award.


About the Global Professional Skills Program

The Global and Professional Skills (GPS) Program encourages you to align your passion and dreams with your education, connecting the dots between classroom learning and a wide selection of extracurricular and co-curricular activities. The program recognizes your work and service beyond academic credit earned with an understanding that co-curricular activities not only help you to articulate personal and professional goals, but also provide an invaluable opportunity to acquire and hone skills demanded by graduate schools and future employers. The program is offered in conjunction with a co-curricular transcript that tracks your non-academic achievements while at the University.

For me, that sense of possibility extends to what I do outside of the classroom as well. I’m now the Treasurer of Student Government, I was Co-Chair of the Activities and Clubs Committee, and I volunteered at different school events, including the Sexual Aggression Awareness and Charity Weeks. I also had a part-time business development internship at Energy Power Lab, a human resource startup, along with a regular, part-time internship in Prague every summer.

Petra Kroupova Senior at AUP