Global Professional Skills Program (GPS)

The Global Professional Skills (GPS) Program is a signature program at AUP allowing you to show the rest of the world what you are passionate about. Through this program, you will be encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities during your time at AUP – such as volunteer work, internships and leadership opportunities. You’ll be able to generate a Co-Curricular Record that registers all of your activities from semester to semester and connects them with your transcripts to boost your career prospects after graduation. You will be asked to complete activities from within the following four categories that will lead to you developing a range of global skills and earning a GPS certificate.

  • Professional
  • Personal
  • Leadership
  • Cultural Fluency


How to participate

Begin by exploring the four categories featured on these pages. Learn more about the activities that will help you complete each category and the skills, qualities and techniques that you will obtain through completing each one. Starting in Spring 2019, you can validate your activities and experiences through a new online platform, AUP Engage

Make sure to validate as many relevant experiences as you would like during your time at AUP. They will all show up on your co-curricular record. After you have explored the four categories and validated the necessary experiences, complete the program during your senior year through participation in a GPS workshop and a final presentation to the GPS committee, which will earn you the GPS certificate.

Don’t wait, get started now! Join a club, become an athlete, complete an internship, participate in career workshops, help your peers as a tutor or participate in a cultural program study trip. So many of the activities you are already planning to pursue, will constitute your first steps towards successfully completing the GPS Program.


What Students Say

AUP students Tony Hung '18 and Tomislava Tomova '18 share their experience of participating in AUP's Global Professional Skills (GPS) Program.

GPS Awards Ceremony 2019

Watch the 2019 GPS Awards ceremony including the presentations of our finalists.