Tuition & Costs

Tuition and costs for summer programs

Tuition for the summer programs at The American University of Paris is calculated on a per-credit basis. You can choose to participate in any of our summer programs for university credit to transfer back to your home institution or you can participate as an "auditor".  Auditors attend the same classes but do not receive any official academic credit. Please note that all of these fees are for summer 2017 and are subject to change.


Summer session tuition

  • To receive undergraduate credit: €886/credit
  • To receive graduate credit: €806/credit
  • “Auditor” tuition, for 2-week, 3-week or 6-week undergraduate courses: €443/credit. Auditors must pay full tuition for participatory art, language, science, computer science, or 4000-level courses
Course Credit Load For Credit Tution Audit Tuition
Undergraduate 4-credit course €3,544 €1,722
Undergraduate 2-credit course €1,772 €886
Graduate 4-credit course €3,224 N/A


Additional fees

  • Orientation fee of €210 
  • Course fee of €100/course for French Immersion
  • Course fees for Art courses are between €49 and €175. All other course fees are between €15 and €35.

Tuition and fees listed here do not include summer housing or cultural study trips.


Payment deadlines

April 30th: Full payment due for courses beginning in June (i.e. 6-week and 3-week June session).

May 31st: Full payment due for courses beginning in July.

After April 30th: Full Payment should be made within three days after admission. Late fees may be applied for payment received after the deadline dates. You will receive your invoice once you have finalized your registration in your online checklist.


Refund policy

If you have to withdraw from class after the payment deadlines listed above, please be aware that the refund amount changes depending on the date you withdraw. 

Summer Session Dates Refund
Courses starting Wednesday 7 June
(Orientation starts Tuesday 6 June)
Before 30 April 100% tuition refund (less €500 deposit)
1 May - 14 May 60% tuition refund (less €500 deposit)
15 May - 5 June 40% tuition refund (less €500 deposit)
After 6 June No tuition refund
Courses starting Monday 3 July
(Orientation starts Saturday 1 July)
Before 31 May 100% tuition refund (less €500 deposit)
1 June - 14 June    60% tuition refund (less €500 deposit)
15 June - 28 June    40% tuition refund (less €500 deposit)
After 29 June No tuition refund