Find out about the payment methods we accept and learn more about due dates, Financially Responsible Persons (FRP), and other student accounting procedures. If at any time you have any questions about the information below or about your financial standing with the University, please contact us immediately and we would be delighted to assist you.


Payment Procedures

When to pay

Tuition must be received by the deadlines: 15 July for the Fall semester and 15 December for the Spring semester unless you have arranged to pay in installments.

If tuition is not received by the deadline student accounts are automatically charged a €250 late fee and students or their FRP must contact Student Accounting Services immediately. Course registration will be cancelled if payment is not received by the deadlines. U.S. loan students must make sure to follow AUP’s loan application procedure for tuition processing to be in order. Please make sure to read about the loan process and contact your admissions counselor.

How to pay

Payment for tuition and fees can be made online via credit card, by bank transfer or by check drawn on a French bank. Please note that all payments must be in euros. 

In all cases make sure the student name and ID number is included with all payments so they are credited to the correct account.


To pay online via credit card:

To ensure payment is received in time online credit card payments are recommended as they are received within 24 hours. 

  • Go to the online tuition fees payment page.
  • Enter the payment amount (payment is in euros)
  • Select the correct term
  • Enter billing information
  • Enter payment information
  • Click on Go to our secure payment page
  • Enter the credit card details
  • Validate


To pay via bank transfers:

Bank transfer may not be received for up to 10 days and must be initiated in time for the university to receive them by the deadline dates.


Bank Name Société Générale - 6, rue de Sèvres 75006 Paris, France
Account Name The American University of Paris
IBAN# FR76 3000 3032 9000 0372 6652 187
Reference Student name and ID number
Amount Amount must be in euros
Bank# 30003
Account# 00037266521
Clé RIB 87

Very Important: please make sure all wire transfers include the ID number and name of the student.


To pay via check:

Payment must be in euros drawn on a French bank.  Checks should be mailed to:

The American University of Paris
Student Accounting Services
5, boulevard de la Tour Maubourg 
75007 Paris


Billing Statements and Financial Responsible Persons

  • Financially Responsible Person (FRP) 

The Financially Responsible Person (FRP) is the individual indicated by the student who is financially responsible for a student’s university expenses. Students and their FRP are responsible for ensuring that full payment of tuition and fees is received by the appropriate deadlines (15 July and 15 December). The FRP receives all electronic billing statements and email communications about payments due. To change the FRP, students must go online to the student portal (this will require your password so cannot be done by the FRP). Go to contact information and scroll down to Financially Responsible Person.

  • Billing Statements

After registration billing statements are E-mailed to the FRP email address listed by the student in their Student Portal, as well as to the student informing that the billing statements have been mailed. The billing statements invoice students based on the number of classes for which they registered. Billing statements can be consulted by the students at all times via the website:

1) My Account
2) Student Portal
3) My Billing

Due to FRPA regulations the FRPs cannot see this information online but they can request it from the student or from Student Accounting Services.

After classes have started billing statements are again sent to students and FRPs detailing all costs and payments for the semester.