Requirements: Journalism Minor

Gain detailed training in the crucial aspects of journalism, including video production, broadcast news writing, and how media and war often intersect.


Required courses (22 credits)

  • CM 1011 Journalism: Writing and Reporting
  • CM 1500 Digital Toolkit: Communication Design Practicum
  • CM 1850 Journalism Practicum or CM 1851 Digital Journalism Practicum or CM 1852 Video Journalism Practicum


Plus three courses from the following, at least two of which must be at 3000 level:

  • CM 2012 Digital Journalism
  • CM 3012 Feature and Investigative Journalism
  • CM 4013 Fashion Journalism Practicum
  • CM 4014 Comparative Journalism: from Gutenberg to Google
  • CM 4090 Senior Seminar
  • FM 3063 Making a Documentary
  • CL/EN 3300 Creative Nonfiction: Crafting Personal Narratives