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Sophomore Mentoring Program

The Sophomore Mentoring Program pairs second-year students with a junior and senior student within their major/minor or with similar interests to engage in a semester-long mentor-mentee relationship. The pairs can meet as often as they like according to their schedules, once a month being the minimum. Each mentor is paired with one mentee, except in certain cases where a mentor agrees to take on two mentees.


The mission of the Sophomore Mentoring Program

We provide individualized guidance for second-year students seeking additional support and community among their peers. The program creates an opportunity for experienced students to share their knowledge and take on a unique leadership role. The Sophomore Mentoring Program allows students to expand their network and find new ways to thrive at AUP.


What is a mentor?

A mentor is a trusted, experienced student who gives Paris and AUP-related advice over a period of one semester to an assigned second-year student. Your mentor will listen to your educational and leadership goals, share expertise and give advice gained from their own experience in school and life. You can think of your mentor as your cheerleader and role-model all in one! We try to pair you with a mentor that shares common interests, is able to advise you on things that you need help with, and might even study the same major as you.

Quick Overview

What & Who

What exactly is the program?

It is a peer mentoring program where students support each other. Mentees are paired with a mentor to receive individualized guidance. Your mentor will be a junior or senior who went through an application and training process.

Who is the program for?

Students in their second year at AUP (sophomores) or going into their second year.

Where & Why

Where does it take place?

The mentor-mentee relationship can take place online or in person, depending on your preferences.

Why should you sign up?

Mentors are there to help you and guide you during your sophmore year. It can be a challenging period for students and mentors are trained to help you build your community, work on your pre-professional skills, navigate life in Paris, and much more.


When & How

When does it start?

The program starts at the beginning of every Fall and Spring semester and you can find more information on our AUP Engage page. During the program, you decide with your mentor how often you meet.

How do I participate?

All you need to do is fill out the information form so we can best pair you with a mentor! You can contact us at sophomorementoringataup.edu.

Program Support

Sophomore Mentoring Program Coordinator

Serena Leilani and Savie Newton (sophomorementoringataup.edu)

The Sophomore Mentoring Program team should be your first point of contact for peer support, to troubleshoot problems, and for general questions. The team will then direct you to additional support if necessary.


AUP Guidance Counselors

Pamela Montfort and Charlotte Vernier (pmontfortataup.edu and cvernierataup.edu)

The Counseling Office facilitates mentor training and provides guidance throughout the semester. If anything about your mentoring partnership or mentor makes you concerned or uncomfortable, consider speaking to a guidance counselor, a Sophomore Mentoring Program Coordinator​, or the Dean of Student Development.


Student Leadership Coordinator

Safia Benyahia (sbenyahiaataup.edu)

Manages page on AUP Engage and provides logistical support to the group and student leaders.


Director of the Center of Academic, Career, and Experiential Advising

Darcee Caron (dcaronataup.edu)

Collaborates with Sophomore Mentoring Program Coordinator to ensure appropriate matching of mentors and mentees.


Dean of Student Development

Kevin Fore (kforeataup.edu)

The Sophomore Mentoring Program is housed in the office of the Dean of Student Development. The Dean oversees the program and ensures that it is assessed annually. Report any misconduct or serious concerns related to the program to the Dean.