Partnerships and Consortia

In addition to our excellent and intellectually challenging programs, AUP has also formed several partnerships with universities and organizations around the world. In line with our mission of fostering global citizenship and offering the very best in international, interdisciplinary education, these connections open the doors for our students even wider.


Study Abroad

AUP students are encouraged to spend a semester at the following partner universities:

AUP also has special curricular exchange agreements with the member schools in the Association of American International Colleges and Universities (AAICU).


AUP Welcomes the World

We not only send our students abroad but also welcome students from around the world. This dynamic exchange adds to the energy and diversity of our multilingual, multicultural campus.

AUP regularly welcomes students from international institutions, including:



Special Academic Partnerships

AUP has special academic partnerships that serve as rich resources for our students. These include:


Special Language Studies Programs

Ours is a multilingual academic community. At AUP, we place great value on the ability to speak more than one language fluently. We are happy to offer special language studies programs with the following institutions: