Student Immigration Services

Navigating all of the requirements of French immigration can be tricky. AUP’s Student Immigration Services exist to assist students with the immigration process and help make a potentially confusing process an orderly and painless one.

Necessary paperwork differs by student (see below). Be sure to look up what’s required of you from the moment you receive your acceptance letter and throughout your time at AUP.

Since some processes may take up to a few weeks (if the French Authorities’ Department which is on charge of processing the residency applications, is either understaffed or overworked-sometimes both)  the residency renewal procedure can take a few months.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you follow the necessary steps at the earliest possible moment. You must take care of your immigration requirements in order to enroll and remain enrolled at AUP. Please be aware that it’s illegal to enter France under a tourist visa, or without a visa at all, with the intention of studying. Students living in France without the proper documents are subject to deportation.

Student Immigration Policy you are required to read.

First-year students

When you are accepted to the University, you’ll be provided with instructions and necessary documents to apply for a long stay student visa (the new students are given the necessary information by their AUP Admission Councilor whereas the returning students who need to apply for a new student visa must be in touch with SIS).

This residence visa allows you to legally live and study in France. Read the procedures for first-year students carefully to make sure that you can successfully enter and reside in France.

The Immigration Office of AUP hereby declines any responsibility for any consequences which could result from a NON EU student (illegally) entering into France with NO valid documents (valid student visa, valid passport, valid residency card).

Before the start of your first semester, you must provide Student Immigration Services with a birth certificate (a certified copy in English or French). This document is mandatory and must be prepared before arriving in France. Marriage, divorce, and adoption certificates are necessary to justify any change of name, if applicable.

Returning students

All registered returning students must have a valid Titre de Séjour in order to study at AUP. To keep your Titre de Séjour valid every year, make sure to follow the required steps and procedures for returning students.

Visiting students

Visiting students must also follow specific visiting student procedures to maintain legal residency in France.  Students staying one semester must obtain a short term visa ("Visa d'Étudiant - Long Séjour Temporaire - Dispense Temporaire de Carte de Sejour"), while students staying two semesters will need to obtain a long term student visa (New "Visa VLS-TS" - a long term student visa "CESEDA R311 3 6"), in order to apply for their residency once here.

Graduate students

Graduate students who enroll in a master’s program at AUP must secure a valid long term student visa ("Visa Étudiant Long Séjour" - "CESEDA R311 3 6") for the duration of their studies. The admissions pack you receive upon admission will guide you through this process, but we also provide additional information for graduate student immigration

Summer students

Some of our summer students need visas to join us in Paris. EU students and summer students from a list of specific countries do not require a visa. Have a look at the summer student immigration page to see if you are required to obtain a visa. The Summer and Part-time Studies Office at AUP is available to assist all students from countries that require a visa to legally be in France to take summer classes.


Students under 18

Students who are under 18 and wish to take classes at AUP need to follow the under-18 immigration procedure to enter France. 

Forms and resources

The forms and resources section contains all of the documents you may need from AUP for your immigration and residency requirements.

Contact student immigration services

We invite all incoming AUP students as well as returning students to contact us with any questions or concerns about visas, residency, and their immigration procedure. We look forward to hearing from you.