Quantitative and Experimental Reasoning

2 courses (one CCM and one CCS) /8 credits

Quantitative reasoning and experimental reasoning are essential to analyzing, understanding and solving both local and global problems in the 21st century. These courses enhance your ability to analyze data, to understand the scientific method and to differentiate between evidence and anecdote.

Quantitative Reasoning (1 course coded CCM/4 credits)

Learning Outcome

  • You will develop a positive approach to mathematics; appreciate the use of mathematics in modeling the world; reason and communicate with quantitative information in words, numbers, graphs and charts; and develop strategies for solving problems.
Experimental Reasoning Course with Lab (1 course coded CCS/4 credits)

Learning Outcome

  • You will demonstrate knowledge of core concepts in a scientific field, interpret scientific data from a variety of sources, apply the scientific method to solve problems, and demonstrate written and oral presentation skills when communicating scientific knowledge.