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The Teaching and Learning Center works with faculty to enhance the teaching and learning experience and explore best practices, new techniques and innovative technologies.

Technology in the Classroom and Digital Projects

Russell Williams Seminars on Technology in the Classroom

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Digital Projects

Click here for information about digital advocate David Wrisley's visit to AUP.



Elena Berg on Co-Teaching

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Some helpful links and resources about the benefits and challenges of team teaching

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Christy Shields shares some extraordinary moments with us from research she does with her students on (or should we say while!) cheese tasting. Read this Savage Minds essay from AUP Professor Christy Shields for a nice example of how to integrate students into your research.



The area of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) - and the international presence (ISSOTL) - is blossoming. Poole and Simmons (2013) provide a description: “The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) involves post-secondary practitioners conducting inquiry into teaching and learning processes in higher education contexts.”* Publishers are looking for articles and books written by faculty members who recount stories of teaching and mentoring students. Click here for information about the upcoming ISSOTL conference in October 2018.

* Poole, G., & Simmons, N. (2013). The contributions of the scholarship of teaching and learning to quality enhancement in Canada. In G. Gordon, & R. Land (Eds.), Quality Enhancement in Higher Education: International Perspectives. London: Routledg