You will find numerous resources and forms, including the exam accommodation request form here.

The (Academic Resource Center) is the initial contact for disability support services. The Learning Accommodations Coordinator:

  • Collects and validates official documentation;
  • Registers and communicates eligibility to relevant faculty and staff members;
  • Refers students to specialists for cognitive evaluations.
  • Manages the Online Exam Accommodation Form;
  • Reviews and approves accommodation requests for upcoming exams;
  • Serves as a liaison with professors regarding accommodation arrangements;
  • Drops off and picks up laptops at exam locations and delivers completed exams to professors.


 The (Student Guidance Counselor) is a secondary resource that students may go to when they need support on campus. The counselor:

  • Acts as additional emotional and personal support
  • Can refer students to specialists and outside resources
  • Refer students to ARC for accommodation registration


Exam Accommodation Request Form

Exam Accommodation service is offered by the Academic Resource Center (ARC) as a resource to assist with scheduling students using their approved testing accommodations. This service is only available for students who have been approved for academic accommodations.

The Test Coordinator can be reached for questions at 

Students may access the Test Accommodations Request form here.