The official transcript is a full record of the classes taken and the grades earned in each class.. You may need a transcript to apply to another university, to graduate school or to secure employment.

We collaborate with Parchment Transcipt Services to provide fast and secure transcript delivery.  Transcript requests are processed within two business days. Please do not hesitate to contact the Registrar's Office if you have any questions.



  • To order your official transcript online, follow the link to . Parchment Exchange - Leader in eTranscript Exchange, start by creating an account with them. Please note that you must create a Parchment account as the log-in is not the same as your AUP NetID & Password.



  • Electronic format (secure PDF). Delivered to any email address or to any school on the TranscriptsNetwork. Note, we can process electronic transcripts faster than paper transcripts and sending a PDF transcript eliminates mailing time. 
  • Paper format with La Poste. Delivery time for transcripts varies based on the address to which they are being sent. Please allow three weeks from the time you order for delivery and processing with institutions based outside of France. 
  • Paper format for pick-up. After you have received notification that your transcript request has been processed, you will be able to pick up the transcript in person at the Registrar’s Office during business hours. You will be required to show photo ID to collect your transcript. If someone other than you is coming to get the transcript, please contact us in advance for instructions on how this can be arranged.

Any of these delivery methods is charged $10.75. AUP charges $7.75 per hard-copy or electronic transcript, and Parchment charges a $3.00 processing fee for each recipient (transcript addressee).



It is possible to upload a document when placing your transcript order. It will be sent as an attachment with your electronic transcript or printed and enclosed with your paper transcript.

Students who are sending transcripts to The Common Application Transcript Processing Center should follow these instructions:

  • If you have a Transcript Matching Form, please make sure it is signed and dated, and then attach it to your transcript request. Do not send it by mail or email to us, as we cannot assure that it will be attached to your transcript. This step must be done when placing your request on the Parchment website. 
  • If you have a College Report, please hand in your form to the Student Development Helpdesk (4th floor in Combes). If you are a degree-seeking student, you will be asked to meet the Dean or Vice President of Student Development for a transfer interview. The form will then be sent to the college or university you are applying to by the Office of Student Development.

Please do not upload blank documents to transcript request as this delays processing unnecessarily. 


Checking the status of your order

You can check the status of your order at anytime by visiting the Parchment website and selecting "Track an order."



Electronic transcripts requested through Parchment usually reach their destination within two business days from the time you make the request. Paper transcripts requested through Parchment take two business days to process upon receipt of the request.

Turnaround times may increase during the end of each semester because of increased volume, so make sure to plan your transcript needs ahead of time.



We can’t process any transcript requests if you have a hold on your account. You can check for any holds by logging into your internal portal and verifying in My Student Services > My Ledger. Your account may have a hold because of an outstanding financial obligation to the University from one of the following offices: SAS, multimedia, library, housing, cultural program, or sports. There may also be a hold for failure to complete an entrance or exit interview for financial aid recipients.

If you have resolved the hold on your account with the relevant office, please contact the Registrar's Office to let us know so we can process your transcript request.