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May 20–30, 2020 at The American University of Paris (This is a virtual conference. Participate from wherever you are.) 

"The Psychology of Global Crises: State Surveillance, Solidarity and Everyday Life" conference is organized by renowned professionals and academics from across the globe, including professors Martin Dege and Maria Medved from The American University of Paris.

Zachary Beckstead (Brigham Young University–Hawaii, USA)

Brigham Young University–Hawaii, USA.

Assistant Professor. Zach’s research explores the experiences of pilgrims, tourists, veterans and other travelers and the consequences of geographical movement on the psyche. Zachary is particularly interested in how geographical movement and commemorative practices are mediated through the built environment (e.g., memorials, ruins, roadside shrines and cemeteries) and how they guide human development.

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Robert Beshara (Northern New Mexico College, USA)

Northern New Mexico College, USA.

Assistant Professor. Robert is a transdisciplinarian and a critical psychologist, interested in theorizing subjectivity by drawing on theoretical frameworks as psychoanalysis, decoloniality and discursivity.

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Niklas Chimirri (Roskilde University, Denmark)

Roskilde University, Denmark.

Associate Professor. Niklas’s research connects participatory approaches on dialectical developmental psychologies with audience research, critical childhood studies, feminist technoscience, and multimodal ethnographical design studies.

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Martin Dege (The American University of Paris, France)

The American University of Paris, France.

Assistant Professor. Martin’s research focuses on critical social psychology and the historical sources of the discipline.

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Carolin Demuth (Aalborg University, Denmark)

Aalborg University, Denmark.

Associate Professor. Carolin works in the field of Cultural and Developmental psychology and draws on a Discursive Psychology approach. She is vice-president of the Association for European Qualitative Researchers in Psychology (EQuiP).

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Yasuhiro Igarashi (Yamano College of Aesthetics, Japan)

Yamano College of Aesthetics, Japan.

Professor. Yas is a theoretical, critical psychologist doing research in history, philosophy and sociology of psychology, and doing discourse analysis.

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Antonia Larraín (Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile)

Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile.

Professor. Antonia works on how to (re)conceptualize concepts like subjectivity, reflexive thinking and inner speech, discussions and dialogues. Antonia’s research also focuses on aspects in educational psychology.

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Pina Marsico (University of Salerno, Italy)

University of Salerno, Italy.

Associate Professor of Development and Educational Psychology. Pina has a proven international research network. Pina is also the Editor-in-chief of the book series Cultural Psychology of Education (Springer).

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Athanasios Marvakis (Aristotle University, Greece)

Aristotle University, Greece.

Professor in Clinical Social Psychology. Athanasios’s interests revolve around psychology and its relations with the various forms of social inequalities and social exclusion, solidarity as theoretical and practical issue and tool in the social sciences.

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Maria Medved (The American University of Paris, France)

The American University of Paris, France.

Professor of Psychology. Maria investigates psychological functioning after trauma and the nexus between culture and health, including exploring the correlates of suicidality in Aboriginal peoples, perceptions of cardiovascular disease (aka white man’s disease) in Aboriginal women, and the role of solvent user in homelessness.

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Ernst Schraube (Roskilde University, Denmark)

Roskilde University, Denmark.

Professor of Social Psychology of Technology. Ernst’s teaching and research center on the social and political implications of modern technologies in everyday life. Ernst is currently working on a project on the significance of digital technology in students' learning and conduct of everyday life.

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Irene Strasser (The American University in Cairo, Egypt)

The American University in Cairo, Egypt.

Assistant Professor of Developmental Psychology. Irene’s research focuses on lifespan development with an emphasis on age and aging. Irene’s work is informed by critical perspectives in gerontology, social justice studies, and gender studies.

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Fu Wai (Shue Yan University, Hong Kong)

Shue Yan University, Hong Kong.

Associate Professor. Fuwai’s research focuses on the history of Psychology, Lacanian Psychoanalysis, Gambling Prevention and Qualitative Psychology.

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Meike Watzlawik (Sigmund Freud University Berlin, Germany)

Sigmund Freud University Berlin, Germany.

Professor, Meike examines different aspects of identity from a cultural and developmental perspective. (e.g., sexual identity development of adolescence, the impact of sibling relationships/twinship on identity development, couple identity, occupational identity).

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