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For 60 years, The American University of Paris has occupied a unique position in the world of higher education thanks to its founder Lloyd Delamater’s vision of offering a life-defining and transformative education in Europe to graduates capable of “bridging the gap of narrow nationalisms.” The University still pursues that mission today, and since that time has become a learning community in which students of 105 different nationalities, taught by faculty of 30, pursue their dream of living a globally defined and connected life, so much of the world themselves that they take responsibility for it.

In its new strategic plan, "Navigating 21st-Century Pathways," The American University of Paris will continue to follow the same five strategic priorities we defined in 2015 to shape institutional forward motion: Community, Curriculum, Campus, Communication, Continuous Improvement. Where we formerly privileged the recruitment focus on enlarging AUP’s global explorer community and building a purpose-built campus to receive them, we will in the coming years focus our efforts on two other pillars: the design and launch of our new 21st- century curriculum and worldwide communication of our authentic story and rising reputation. Each of the five priorities will be advanced by adopting appropriate unit-level core initiatives which, in their turn, require quantifiable and trackable action plans. Adherence to them in planning and resource allocation will ensure that we achieve our vision for the future.