If you graduate from The American University of Paris in the fall, you will receive your diploma during the graduation ceremony. If you graduate in the spring, we will send the diploma to your mailing address, so please make sure that your mailing information is up to date by updating your diploma mailing address online. Please note that if you have any outstanding monetary obligations to the University, you will not be able to receive your diploma until full payment has been made.

Your diploma is a valuable document and you should keep it safe. If you need to confirm your graduation – for a future employer or graduate university, for example – don’t send them your original diploma. Instead, request a graduation certificate. If you are a third party looking to confirm the degree of one of our students for a job or internship, please contact the Registrar’s Office directly.


Diploma timeline

Our diploma timeline helps you understand how and when your diploma will be delivered and what information you need to provide. Please read it carefully and do not hesitate to contact the Registrar's Office if you have any questions about your diploma.

Month Process
September  -
October All degree candidates complete degree application with advisors. Diplomas for summer graduates arrive. Mailing begins.
November All degree candidates submit degree applications to Registrar’s Office.
December Degree applications verified by registrar. Students receive confirmation via email.
January Final grades received for fall graduates. Registrar completes final degree check for fall graduates.
February Diplomas for fall graduates ordered.
March Diplomas for fall graduates arrive.
April  -
May Final grades received for spring graduates. Registrar completes final degree check for spring graduates. Fall graduates receive diplomas at graduation ceremony.
June Diplomas for spring graduates ordered.
July Final grades received for summer graduates. Registrar completes final degree check.
August Diplomas for summer graduates ordered. Diplomas for spring graduates arrive and mailing begins.


Proving your graduation

When you graduate from AUP you may be asked by potential employers to prove that you earned a degree. Depending on the information that is requested, there are four different options:

  • A graduation certificate is the easiest and most affordable way. The graduation certificate is a letter signed and stamped by the Registrar’s Office that details your time at AUP and the degree you were awarded. You can request a graduation certificate at no cost and it can be sent to you by mail or email.
  • You can also request an official transcript. A transcript details every course and grade earned at AUP including cumulative GPA and degree awarded and may be useful if you are asked to provide more details on your academic accomplishments. Transcripts cost a small processing fee and can be sent to you either in paper format or electronically.
  • Your diploma is another way to prove your successful graduation from the University but we recommend that you hold on to the original and not send it out as part of an application. 
  • The last option is to obtain a certified copy of your diploma. We do not keep copies of your diploma on file. To obtain a certified copy of your diploma, you must send us either an email from your AUP account with a scanned copy of your diploma and your full name, years of attendance, and mailing address or a signed written request with your full name, years of attendance, mailing address, and photocopy of your diploma. This process takes up to three business days but is free of charge.


Requesting an Apostille for your diploma or transcript

Apostille requests should be directed to a third party authentication service, such as US Authentication Services. You will need to have a hard copy or electronic copy (scan) of your diploma.

If you no longer have your original diploma, you can request a duplicate diploma. Please note that 60 euros will be charged for a replacement diploma, which can be paid online via the AUP payment tool.