Working Podcasts in Media, Communication & Global Change

It's 2024. In the past, research centers commonly had "working papers" series. Those still matter, but changing times in media and communication call for a "working podcasts" series to publicize and make accessible the center's research interests. Currently, the MCGC center features the following series.


Books That Changed How We Think, hosted by Professor Robert Payne.

Inspired by the legendary BBC Radio show Desert Island Discs, in this podcast series Robert Payne talks to other media, communications, film, and cultural studies scholars about the books (and films and other objects) that have been most important to their lives as researchers.

Guest: Hollis Griffin (U. of Michigan)

Fatima Aziz


Fresh (Re-)Takes: New Research and Long Views in Critical Media, Communication, and Cultural Studies

In this recurring podcast series, Jayson Harsin and other AUP professors interview early-career and influential senior scholars about their research on subjects key to MCGC research center interests.

Interviews coming in Summer and fall 2024:

  • John Corner
  • Adrienne Russell
  • Roopali Mukherjee