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Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Institutional Effectiveness is informed by the requirements and standards set by our accreditation bodies. The work of The Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Effectiveness is informed by the requirements set by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). This page explains the reports the Office produces for the MSCHE to meet report that those standards and requirements are being met.  

Annual institutional update to MSCHE 

Every fall the dean of IRAE sends the annual institutional update to MSCHE based on the data gathered from the year's assessment process. This annual institutional update is mandatory and aims to monitor whether the institution is working in compliance with Accreditation Review Cycle and Monitoring Policy and Procedures stated by MSCHE. 


Every 8 years the university completes a self-study to examine our degree of compliance with the requirements and standards. The aim of the self-study is to do an in-depth, comprehensive, and reflective examination of the quality and effectiveness of the institution’s pedagogy, the student experience, and the success in meeting its mission, as well as identify institutional priorities and opportunities for improvement and innovation.