In a liberal arts curricular context, our students learn to systematically explain, critically think about, and knowledgably engage in the broad spectrum of communication, media and cultural practices. We aim to graduate students who are informed, ethical communicators; reflective creators and makers of media and culture. Our students use theory, history, and experiential learning to make a positive, lasting impact on our world.  

At a lively intersection of overlapping fields, our teaching is informed by cutting edge research on journalism, multimedia storytelling, and film; advertising, marketing, branding, and PR; anthropology, development, advocacy, and politics; history, ethics, economics, and law. Our professors guide students through the nuances of evolving and hybrid cultures, in the context of globalization and its discontents. Our approach to communication, media and culture is resolutely comparative. It is rigorously academic as well as practical. Students develop strong analytical, reasoning, written and verbal skills. They become empathetic and ethical listeners as well as efficient and effective persuaders. 

The department offers four majors and six minors. The majors are Global Communications, Journalism, Film, and Communication and Public Affairs (to launch in 2020–21). The minors are Anthropology, Fashion Studies, Global Communications, Film, Journalism and Political Communication. The department frequently hosts colloquiums and invited speakers from the world of research, business, politics, and creative industries.  


  • Mariquian Ahouansou

  • Giulia Battaglia

  • Michael Behnke

    Assistant Professor

  • Nicole Berger


  • Isabelle Carbonell

  • Pauline Chasseray-peraldi

  • Alice Craven


  • Emmanuel Dayan


  • Anne De Sales

  • Waddick Doyle

    Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Program Innovation

  • Tanya Elder

    Assistant Professor

  • Jessica Feldman

    Assistant Professor

  • Marc Feustel


  • Matthew Fraser

    Associate Professor

  • Wafa Ghermani

  • Aurelien Gohier

  • Tatiana Grigorenko

    Assistant Professor

  • Jayson Harsin

    Associate Professor

  • Laura Haughey

    Junior Lecturer

  • Jurgen Hecker

    Instructor, Program Coordinator for Journalism

  • Jon Henley

  • Vincent Jaunas

  • Youna Kim


  • Sophie Kurkdjian

    Assistant Professor

  • Dimitra Larochelle

  • Barbara Matas

    Associate Professor

  • Justin Mcguinness

    Associate Professor

  • Wickie Meier-Engström

  • Saadia Mirza

  • Noemie Oxley

    Assistant Professor

  • Robert Payne

    Associate Professor, Department Chair – Communication, Media and Culture

  • Cecile Poignant


  • Marie Regan

    Associate Professor

  • Claudia Roda

    Professor, Program Director, MSc in Human Rights and Data Science

  • Robert Romanowski


  • Elizabeth Schub-Kamir

  • Christy Shields

    Associate Professor

  • Renate Stauss

    Assistant Professor

  • Georgi Stojanov


  • Charles Talcott

    Associate Professor

  • Hannah Westley

    Associate Professor, Program Director MA Global Communications

Faculty Emeriti

Peter Barnet
Associate Professor Emeritus of Communications
BA, Yale University

James Bittermann
Associate Professor Emeritus of Global Communications
BSc, Southern Illinois University

Julie Thomas
Associate Professor Emerita of Global Communications
BA, Columbia University
MA, Harvard University
Mlitt., Trinity College, Dublin
PhD, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London 

Yudhishthir Raj Isar
Professor Emeritus of Cultural Policy Studies
BA (Hons) in Economics, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University
Licence ès Lettres, University de Paris, Sorbonne
Maîtrise ès Lettres (Sociologie), University de Paris, Sorbonne