Every year in May, The American University of Paris confers graduate and undergraduate degrees to its graduates during the graduation ceremony. All students who finish their degree during the academic year have to complete a degree application in order to participate in the May graduation ceremony.


University graduation dates and policy

There are three graduation dates per year, but only one ceremony. All graduates (fall, spring and summer) are invited to attend the one ceremony in May. For example, if you plan to graduate in Fall 2020, we would invite you to complete your online degree application in order to participate in the May 2021 graduation ceremony.

University graduation policy stipulates that only those students who have completed all academic requirements will be declared graduates of AUP at the May graduation ceremony. If you have any outstanding monetary obligations to the University, you will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. Students with missing elements (such as missing paperwork, incomplete grades in either courses or internships) and summer graduates will be permitted to participate in the ceremony but will be honored as future graduates. It’s also important to note for undergraduates that we will only announce honors for students who have completed all requirements by the Monday prior to the May graduation ceremony.


Step-by-step instructions

We recommend that you complete the online degree application together with your academic advisor. Make sure to schedule your appointment with your advisor ahead of time and prepare your meeting by reading information about the graduation process and Student Status Extensions. Also, print your degree requirements and your unofficial transcripts (via the Student Portal) and bring them to the meeting.

At the meeting, complete the online graduation application and do a degree audit together with your academic advisor.

Your advisor will then submit the application to the Registrar's Office for processing. Make sure to regularly check your AUP email for a confirmation from the Registrar's Office and other important communications concerning graduation.


Degree application submission deadlines

Students expecting to complete all degree requirements during the Fall semester must submit the application during the Fall online registration in April. Students expecting to complete all degree requirements during the Spring or Summer semester must submit their applications during Spring online registration in November.


Student Status Extension

If you want to register a zero-credit internship and obtain a convention de stage (legal requirement for internships in France) after you have completed your degree requirements, you must submit a Student Status Extension request before you are officially graduated by a stipulated deadline. You do not need to have secured an internship before submitting the request. Alumni are not eligible to receive a convention de stage from AUP. You must respect the request deadline because you will be considered a graduate as soon as your final grades are submitted. 

Please note: Participation in the commencement ceremony in May does not imply that you officially graduated. You can request a Student Status Extension and still participate in the commencement ceremony.


The graduation ceremony

You've come a long way since your first day at AUP, and soon you’ll have the diploma to prove it. To help you celebrate your achievement, The American University of Paris coordinates an annual graduation ceremony, known as commencement. In order to prepare you for the event, the Registrar's Office has prepared some general guidelines, and a code of conduct to ensure commencement is an enjoyable and joyous event for everyone.


Before the ceremony

  • Be at the commencement venue by 8:30am. Late arrivals cannot be included in the proceedings.
  • Check any unnecessary bags or jackets at the coat check on the ground floor. Be sure to put on or hold on to your robes.
  • Check in with Registrar's Office staff.
  • Undergraduate check-in takes place on the first floor while graduate check-in takes place on the fifth floor.
  • You will receive a name card from the Registrar's Office staff. Do not lose your name card. This is how the Registrar's Office will ensure that your name is called during the ceremony and that you receive the correct diploma.
  • You will then line up in the order of names that will be read. It is very important that you stay in this order.
  • Finally, when it is time to start, all the graduates will march in order into the theater.


The ceremony

The ceremony starts with a processional, when all of the professors and graduates enter the theater. Ushers will direct you where to sit. Go to the first row available and fill in as instructed. Please remain standing until you are invited to sit.

When it comes time to confer degrees, bachelor’s degrees will be conferred first, followed by master’s degrees. One by one, each group (BA, BSc, MA) will be asked to stand. The Dean will present the candidates, and the President will confer the degrees.

You will receive your diploma during recognition, when you get to walk across the stage as your name is called. All students will be called up to the stage row by row. Have your name card ready. When you get to the stage, hand your name card to the member of the Registrar's Office.

The Dean will read your name, major, and Latin or departmental honors, as you receive your diploma cover from the President. The Chair of the Board of Trustees will also congratulate you. Graduate students will also shake hands with their program director.

Once everyone has received their diplomas and if you have completed all of your degree requirements, you will be invited to collectively turn the tassel on your graduation cap. This age-old tradition signifies that you have officially graduated. Undergraduates shift their tassel from the right to the left side of their graduation cap, or mortar board. Graduates shift their tassel from the the left to the right side.

The graduation ceremony ends with a recessional, when you exit the auditorium together with your fellow graduates. The President will invite you to join the reception, the faculty will exit, then the graduates, starting with the first row. Ushers will instruct you on how to exit the theater.

You will now officially be AUP graduates and a part of AUP’s global alumni network. Congratulations!