The Joy and Edward Frieman Environmental Science Center

Mission of the Center

The Joy and Edward Frieman Environmental Science Center – named for a former AUP trustee, eminent plasma physicist and pioneering spokesperson for global warming research –  takes as its mission cutting-edge research in the environmental sciences, lab- and field-based science pedagogies, and public outreach on current environmental issues. Its faculty members conduct research in the fields of evolutionary biology and climate change impact and collaborate on interdisciplinary projects using state-of-the-art climate chambers. The Center offers opportunities for students to engage in mentored undergraduate research leading to peer-reviewed publications.  

The Work of the Center

The Center hosts high-level research symposia, fosters exchanges with the international scientific community, and provides regular opportunities to raise awareness of human-induced climate change within the AUP and broader Paris communities. The work of the Center, led by Professor Claudio Piani and Professor Elena Berg, will add to our growing understanding of the evolutionary process and the effects of human-induced climate change, and will provide opportunities for faculty and student research collaborations.

Beetle Kinship Project

The Lab will be used to carry out a range of experiments on the seed beetle (Callosobruchus maculatus).

Climate Change Project

The Center studies the impacts of projected climate change on the evolution of behavior and life history in seed beetles.

Center News