Our Location in the Heart of Paris

From its start in 1962, AUP has become a world university of 1,000 graduate and undergraduate students offering the premiere liberal arts-based and professionally enabling curriculum in Europe. Today, ready to build on our achievements, the University thrives in a context of strong leadership and cross-institutional commitment to continuous improvement. AUP has come of age and is today one of the most culturally diverse institutions in the world, welcoming students from 110 nationalities to its exceptional location in the French capital.

We have chosen to remain in the neighborhood where the University was founded, the 7th arrondissement, which places us right at the center of a bustling, cosmopolitan European capital filled with art, culture, cuisine, and history. You will be able to take advantage of our over 200 partnerships with prestigious institutions, such as the United Nations Environmental Program, the French War College (École de Guerre), and the International Association of Business Communicators, whether it be through classwork, internships or volunteer opportunities.

By staying in the 7th, we have preserved our historical endowment and central Paris location, and by maintaining and restoring an open campus, we will encourage you to continue your education through extended interaction with the people and places around you. While a closed campus and dormitories often distance students from the “real world,” developing our urban campus is a concerted effort to do the exact opposite. You are encouraged to see your education as a constant dialogue with the city of Paris, your learning process spilling over into your explorations of the city, the country, and the continent, and into further discussions with professors and fellow students.