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Dropping One or More Courses but Not All Courses

Students who drop one or more courses, but not all of their courses, before the end of the drop/add week are eligible for a 100% refund for their dropped classes, providing that their total course load for the semester now totals no more than 11 credits, meaning they are enrolled as a part-time student. After drop/add week, or if students drop a registration but remain full time (12–18 credits per semester), refunds will not be administered when dropping a course. If dropping all courses, see below.


Dropping All Courses Before the Start of Classes

Incoming degree-seeking students who decide not to attend before the first day of classes will be eligible for a full tuition refund but will forfeit the non-refundable tuition deposit, and the orientation fee if orientation has started. New students who decline admission from the university prior to the start of orientation must contact their Admissions Counselor.

Non-degree part time students who wish to withdraw from the university before the start of classes are eligible for a refund but will forfeit the non-refundable tuition deposit. To cancel their registration and request a refund students must contact sasataup.edu (Student Accounting Services) in writing.


University Withdrawal: Dropping All Courses After the Start of Classes

After the first day of classes tuition refunds are calculated on the same basis for returning and incoming students according to the refund schedule below. To withdraw after the start of classes degree-seeking students must contact the office of Student Development. Non-degree part time students must contactsasataup.edu ( Student Accounting Services) in writing.


 Fall and Spring Tuition Refund Schedule

Prior to the first day of classes 100% *
During the first week of classes 80%
During the second week of classes 60%
During the second two weeks of classes 40%
After the fourth week of classes 0%



Refunds are calculated based on the amount of tuition paid, after grants and scholarships have been deducted. Thus a full-time student receiving a 1,000€ grant who withdraws from the University during the second week of classes would receive a tuition refund of 60 % x [Full-time Tuition - 1,000€]. A student who withdraws during the Fall semester when payment has been made for the full year forfeits his/her yearly tuition reduction.

Students who have received Title IV loan funds through the Department of Education and then withdraw from the University are subject to the return policy outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations (34CFR668.22).


Tuition Refunds for Summer

Summer Deadline Total Refund
Prior to the first day of classes 100% *
After the start of classes 0%