AUP Housing refers to all residences offered in Paris for incoming students at AUP during their first semester (for students attending only one semester at AUP) or first year (for full-year students). The options we offer are all furnished and are located in safe neighborhoods with an easy commute to the University. All AUP Housing options have been vetted and visited by members of our housing team, who have the comfort and safety of students as their main priorities. We know that housing is an important aspect of the AUP experience and provides a strong foundation through which students can thrive during their time at the University. For that reason, our housing options are designed to serve as a safe and supportive living community for our students as they transition to Paris and AUP.

Options cater to a variety of different needs and preferences. We offer two types of residences for incoming students: AUP Residences are managed by the University, house only AUP students and include one or two Resident Advisors. Partner Residences are apartment-hotels and French student residences that have partnered with the Housing Office to offer quality housing to our students, and include Residence Representatives selected among the residents to help foster community. Our housing offering usually includes single apartments or studios, twin studios, and single and shared rooms in co-living apartments. No two Parisians experience their city the same way, so we’ve made sure each of our housing options highlights a unique aspect of life in this beautiful city.

AUP Residences

These residences are entirely leased and managed by AUP and only house AUP students; they include options such as single studios, double studios, and single and double rooms in shared apartments. All residents are supported by an on-site Resident Advisor (RA), who is an AUP student living in the residence who works with the Housing Office. The role of the RA is to help manage the building, support residents throughout their stay, and plan community events for residents, providing a way to meet and bond with other students in the building.

AUP Residences benefit from full association with AUP’s Housing Office. All documentation and payments are completed through the Housing Office and all utilities and Wi-Fi are included and set up upon your arrival. Furthermore, all tasks such as key replacements, roommate agreements, and maintenance issues are easily flagged and resolved through our office.

Though the Housing Office offers extensive support to students, residences are situated throughout the city and students must take responsibility for general day-to-day tasks (such as communicating maintenance issues when necessary or learning to live with roommates and housemates). This guarantees that students acquire important skills that will serve them in future independent living experiences, whether it be during the rest of their AUP experience as a returning student, or upon their return to their home institution after finishing time abroad in Paris.

AUP Partner Residences

Partner residences are apartment-hotels or French student residences that work in close partnership with the Housing Office to host groups of AUP students for the year. Students share the residence with other patrons and French and international students in Paris. They are supported by a 24/7 front desk in apartment-hotels or a residence manager in French residences, both of whom work with our office to provide an enjoyable living experience.

Just as with AUP residences, all documentation and payments are completed through the Housing Office and all utilities and Wi-Fi are included and set up upon your arrival. Additionally, all partner residences will house a Residence Representative (RR): incoming AUP students who are selected within their Partner Residence to serve as a liaison with the Housing Office. RR’s main responsibility is to help build community within the residence through organizing social programs with the help of the Housing Office.

While these residences are not directly managed by the Housing Office, they do provide hands-on management and maintenance services of their own. The Housing Office works closely with on-site staff to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of residents. For many students, partner residences such as apartment-hotels provide a “best of both worlds” experience: students can still enjoy a single or shared apartment for the duration of their first semester or year, while also benefitting from the comfort of hotel services and amenities. Students in French residences are also offered a unique opportunity not only to connect with their AUP peers in the building, but also to meet a diverse group of French and international students who are also pursuing higher education in Paris. During their stay, students in partner residences can still benefit from the Housing Office’s support services, while building the skills and competencies that will serve them well in future residential experiences.

Disclaimer: these photos include previous partner residences that have welcomed AUP students and may not be representative of options currently available.