AUP Student Support

New school, new city, new language, new apartment: we know that while this is exciting, it can also be intimidating. No matter your question, no matter the time, we will be here: to give advice, to find the right phone numbers, to locate the correct addresses, to give you tips about where to get the best pies in the wee hours of the morning. We see you and we’ve got you.


Health & Wellness

Our health and wellness team is here to provide you with the tools you might need in any number of medical circumstances. We count among our staff a health plan coordinator, an administrative assistant, an on-campus student guidance counselor, and two off-campus therapists, who will guide you through health care plans, choosing your medical provider or counselor, learning disability accommodations, and our frequent workshops that are designed to educate you on health and wellness issues like HIV/AIDS awareness, self-care, and time management strategies.


Student Accounting Services

The Student Accounting Service (SAS) office will help you navigate through all that is related to billing and paying tuition and fees. Unsure about which payment plan to choose? Confused about our refund policies? Curious about what financial aid services are available to you? Come see us anytime!


Student Immigration Services

The ins and outs of French immigration can seem insurmountably complicated but fear not! Our Student Immigration Services (SIS) team is ready and willing to help you figure out the paperwork, decipher the terminology, and prepare the right documents so that with appropriate visa in hand, you can move on to your next adventure. 


Sexual Misconduct

AUP is firmly committed to maintaining a safe, welcoming environment for all students on campus. We believe that no student, staff member or faculty member should be subject to sexual misconduct of any kind while on AUP’s campus. If such incidents do occur, we are here to support you and work to ensure that all allegations of sexual misconduct are treated seriously and that appropriate disciplinary action is carried out. Learn more about our rules and procedures for handling claims of sexual misconduct and about the next steps in the process.