Faculty Achievements

Innovative, international, interdisciplinary, the scholarly work of AUP faculty brings the world’s important questions to students, both inside and outside the classroom.

AUP faculty research covers a wide range of subjects of broad impact. It addresses, often through interdisciplinary approaches, pressing world questions and scholarly inquiries. The creative production of AUP faculty is socially engaged and immersed in the international artistic arena. Faculty and student collaborations produce an environment that is creative, inquisitive and rigorous. At AUP new ideas can be generated and flourish; different methods of inquiry are respected; and a variety of experiences, beliefs and expectations can constructively coexist, confront each other and contribute to the vibrant intellectual environment of our community.

At AUP, we view research and teaching on a continuum, such that both knowledge creation and transmission are informed by each of these.

In a time when difference is increasingly claimed as a driver for separation, AUP faculty achievements show that difference can be the force that unites. It is, in fact, the condition for fulfilling our mission to provide a student-centered, career-enabling, and transformative learning environment, empowering students to cross both disciplinary and cultural borders with ease in order to assume their places in the world.