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About the Initiative 

On the Edge addresses the treatment of asylum seekers, refugees and other migrant groups in and on their way to Greece. The initiative builds upon previous legal arguments and court rulings that the reception conditions, lack of effective remedy, pushbacks, and detention of asylum seekers and other migrant groups violate numerous articles of relevant human rights treaties and conventions, and national laws –– while the most egregious actions against these populations may constitute crimes against humanity.


The reception conditions for asylum seekers and other migrant groups in Greece have already, on several occasions, been determined by the European Court of Human Rights to be in violation of  ECHR article 2 (right to life) and article 3 (prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment). On the Edge seeks to further explore and pursue legal pathways to seek justice for asylum seekers, refugees, and other migrants whose fundamental rights have been violated.



Current Projects

There are two main projects currently under development by On the Edge. The first is a legal brief, written and researched by students, to the International Criminal Court. This follows the work of human rights lawyer  Omer Shatz, and NGO activists (see also ICC answer and the case of Syria). The second is an Interdisciplinary Activism and Experts’ workshop - the details of which will be announced as they become available.



Project Advisors

On the Edge is run by AUP Professor Kerstin Carlson in partnership with AUP Professors Jessica Feldman and Michelle Kuo, as well as external academic, legal, humanitarian, media, and artistic partners from across Europe. In addition, Gabriel Green, an AUP alumnus possessing over five years of professional, voluntary and research experience oriented around migration and human rights in Greece, guides the project’s field work in the country.


Media and Additional Resources 

Migration in the Mediterranean: Why it’s time to put European leaders on trial”, Kerstin Carlson, The Conversation (blog) July 26, 2019


Webinar hosted by Professor Kerstin Carlson on migration in the Mediterranean for Twixtlab, July 2020: