We aim to help you find the resources best-suited to your more effective understanding and analysis of the economic questions of today and tomorrow. We emphasize an interdisciplinary and international context that encourages you to examine the social, the national, and the global, from the perspectives of multiple disciplines, so that you are prepared to face your future academic and professional career with a more reflective and ethical comprehension of present-day economics. Our classes are designed to provide you with the maximum flexibility to pursue your interests. Our many students who double-major have chosen to consider Economics via subjects as diverse as Politics and Comparative Literature. We also play an integral role in the teaching of the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major. As you can see, the ways in which you can tackle this area of study are nearly endless.

Many companies now extend their reach across national and international borders, and the growing need for effective management and problem-solving skills that can easily cross borders is one that our department works to address with all of its classes. Strengthen your knowledge of business concepts and their application and practice your leadership skills with the International Business Administration major; apply economics to financial and non-financial institutions and markets with the International Finance major; learn the basics of small business management with the Entrepreneurship major; develop the fundamentals of managing local or global organizations both private and non-profit with the Management major; or explore the role of consumer relations and the impact of market dynamics with the Marketing major. No matter what you choose, our programs will help you thrive in today’s globalized business and financial environment.


  • Shahram Alijani

    Associate Professor

  • Suzanne Bodevin

    Assistant Professor

  • Carla Canelas Tobar

    Associate Professor

  • Albert Cath

    Assistant Professor, Program Director, MSc in International Management

  • Robert Earhart

    Associate Professor

  • Fred Einbinder

    Associate Professor

  • Gail Hamilton

    Assistant Professor, Department Chair – Economics and Management

  • Stephane Malo

    Associate Professor

  • Jean-pierre Nicolas

    Senior Lecturer

  • Evelyn Odonkor

    Assistant Professor

  • Ali Rahnema


  • Rene Ryman

    Assistant Professor

  • Natalya Shiryaeva

    Assistant Professor

  • Morgan Stanley


  • Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak

    Associate Professor

  • Sofia Valeonti

    Assistant Professor

  • Peter Walkenhorst


  • James Noel Ward

    Assistant Professor

  • Kate-yue Zhang

    Associate Professor

Faculty Emeriti

Farhad Nomani
Professor Emeritus of Economics
BS, University of Tulsa
MA and PhD, University of Illinois-Urbana

Ali Fatemi
Professor Emeritus
BS, Fairleigh Dickinson University
MA, PhD, New School for Social Research

Diane Bonneau
Professor Emerita
BS, Rowan University
MBA, Drexel University
PhD, Temple University

Honors Program

The Honors Program in Economics provides the students with the opportunity to deepen and broaden their knowledge of Economics. The program is particularly suitable and highly recommended for students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies and/or careers requiring analytical research skills, conceptual modeling and digital literacy. Students who complete the Honors Program are awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Honors from the American University of Paris.

Students are strongly encouraged to take the core economics courses during the first two years of their studies. Early completion allows for greater flexibility in pursuing independent research in the senior year. 

How to Graduate With Honors:

  • Economics honors requires a Major GPA of 3.5 or higher and a general GPA of 3.3 minimum.
  • In addition to the core courses required for the Major in Economics, students must complete EC 3086 Introduction to Econometrics and EC 4090 Seminar in Economics plus three additional EC courses 3000-level or above. 

Why Study Economics

A career in Economics is much more than you think. Watch this video from the American Economic Association about where economics could take you.

Alumni Careers

Economics graduates from AUP go on to a variety of careers after completing their undergraduate studies and many of them also continue to further study. Find out more about what some of our students are doing now and how their time at AUP prepared them for their graduate studies and different careers paths.