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EU Students and Dual citizenship (non EU - EU)

EU and French Students

In order to legally enter France and to be allowed to study at AUP, EU and French students are required to hold a valid passport or a national ID.

The validity of this couple of documents must be valid for more than 6 months after their date of arrival/the official semester starting date.


Dual Citizenships (NON EU/ EU)

Students having a dual citizenship must ensure their EU passport / EU ID is valid for the time they stay and study in France.

If their EU passport / EU ID is about to expire, they must immediately renew/ extend it in order to legally remain on the French Territory under a EU status, and to be exempted from applying for a student visa.

FYI: a dual citizen (NON EU/ EU) whose EU passport/ EU ID expires and is not renewed on time, will go back under the NON EU status and will be required to go back home in order to apply for a student visa at their local French Consulate.


  • Internships: An EU student who holds an expired EU passport / EU ID and wishes to do an internship will not be granted the SIS approval as long as they do not have a new valid EU passport / EU ID.
  • Study trips outside of France: An EU student who holds an expired EU passport / EU ID and wishes to register a study trip outside of France will not be authorized to do so as long as they do not hold a valid EU passport / EU ID.
  • Residency records in the database: The residency records of the EU students if AUP must always be updated on time with valid EU passport / EU ID.