Cultural Program Videos

The learning experience of AUP is not just about what you takeaway from the classroom. Since our founding in 1962, the cultural program has existed in one form or another. From reaching out into France, to study trips through East and West Berlin, to our modern day offerings there has always been an opportunity for our students to find new ways of placing themselves within a diverse world.

We've been documenting these journeys to offer you a glimpse of these unique opportunities that will force you to challenge and transform your assumptions about the world and about yourself. 


If you plan on taking courses in Middle East studies, including the freshman FirstBridge program and elementary and intermediate Arabic, you will have the chance to visit Cairo, Egypt, where you can practice your linguistic skills and explore the city that you’ll have read so much about.


Held to be Morocco's spiritual capital, Fez functions as both magnet for pilgrims from sub-Saharan Africa and a major draw for tourists in search of something cultural. Join our students over the course of the trip, experiencing a type of city with which many remain unfamiliar, where your learning experience will encompass the challenges of travel, how to negotiate cross-cultural encounters, and how to transfer these experiences to text and images.


Follow our students as they discover Iceland. This trip is designed so that graduate students studying the contemporary marketing, branding and “public diplomacy” process of “place” or “destination branding” can undertake field research in one of the most successfully promoted destinations in recent years.


Hear from AUP Freshmen as they share their experience discovering the rich history of Normandy and what it means for them today.


For 30 years we have been offering this faculty-led trip to students studying the works of William Shakespeare. Take part in their journey as they discover the plays as they were meant to be experienced: enacted and performed live in the theater.