Health Care Plan - Opting out

If you already have commensurate health insurance, you may be able to opt-out of AUP’s health care plan. The deadline to receive an exemption from AUP health coverage is the last day of orientation week. No exemption will be approved after this date, and no exceptions will be made.

The insurance certificate must state that you will be covered for the duration of your stay in Paris. Dates of coverage, including a start date and an end date, must be clearly stated.

You are degree-seeking, you must provide:

  • Proof that a relative reside in Paris (phone/gas bill)
  • Copy of your Carte Vitale (French health insurance card) if you have one
  • Valid proof of insurance (copy of your insurance card or contract including confirmation of the following benefits: general medical treatment, hospitalization, medical repatriation and return of mortal remains)
  • Health insurance exemption form
  • Civil Liability proof of insurance (*see details below)

You’re visiting, you must provide insurance that covers:

  • For 45,000 U.S. dollars
  • Hospitalization
  • General medical treatment
  • Medical repatriation
  • Return of mortal remains
  • Coverage must be valid for the whole semester
  • Health insurance exemption form
  • Civil Liability proof of insurance (*see details below)

All documents must be provided to the health plan coordinator no later than orientation check-in.

Any exemption that is approved must be updated every semester (and so each time upon registration, even in the case of an internship request).

While exemptions are possible in a limited number of cases, we strongly encourage you to enroll in the AUP health care plan as is guarantees adequate coverage and allows AUP staff to provide full support should any emergency arise.

Keep in mind that the AUP Health Office does not take responsibility for the insurance of exempt students. If a student is planning on applying for an exemption, they should become familiar with the details of their independent insurance contract, especially regarding reimbursement and hospitalization procedures before arriving in Paris.

To download the exemption form, click here. 

*Civil Liability

Students exempt from the AUP Health fee because they have alternate coverage through their University or their parents, must give proof of coverage for “Civil Liability”, Responsabilité Civile in French.

Civil Liability refers to the obligation to compensate for damage caused to others or to furniture, for example as a result of negligence.

In the event of a claim, the insurer will act on behalf of the person liable for the damage and will provide compensation to the person who suffered the damage.


  • Your child injures another student: the insurers will cover the cost of the injury.
  • During a stay abroad, you cause damage to the carpet of your residence room or personal flat by using an electric iron: the insurers will cover the consequences of such damage.


It is very easy to subscribe to a Civil Liability insurance, and can only cost 33€ a year. The insurance below covers also repatriation and return or mortal remains in case your own health insurance doesn’t cover this:

Once you receive confirmation of coverage, please send this confirmation to