The Registrar’s Office: Frequently Asked Questions


When do I register?

Returning students register online on the AUP student portal after meeting with their academic advisors. Registration windows (dates) are open according to class standing, which is determined by the number of credits earned and transferred into The American University of Paris.

All details are available on our Returning Student Registration page.

How do I register?

Adding or dropping courses: Access to the registration portal will be blocked until you have met with your academic advisor. . After meeting with them, go to the student portal to proceed with registration:

The portal does not allow me to register for a course I want.

Please view the troubleshooting section of our  


 to see common issues and reasons why certain courses are not available. If you continue to have issues, please write to

When is the last day I can Pre-register for the next semester?

Once the registration period has passed (see When do I register above), students are able to add/drop courses during the first week of the semester. See the Academic Calendar for specific deadlines. We do not have waitlists for full courses, please speak to your advisor for alternative course options or if you are a senior, contact our office.

When is the last day I can drop a class?

Courses can be late dropped up until the last day of the first week of class. See the Academic Calendar for specific deadlines. After the deadline passes, adjustments to your registration will not be possible, so be sure to verify your schedule beforehand!

If you wish to stop attending a course after the deadline, please submit a course withdrawal request. Failing to attend a course or formally withdrawing from a course will result in a failing grade.

How do I take a class for Credit/ No Credit? What is the deadline?

Undergraduate students may designate one course per semester to be graded “Credit/No Credit” (“CR/NC”). More details can be found here.

Can I join a full course?

No, you may only register in courses with available seats. If you have concerns about a course’s availability, please reach out to your Academic Advisor or The Registrar’s Office.

Can I audit a class?

Students may request to audit a course in addition to their full-time registration in Spring and Fall semester by filling out the Audit Form during add/drop week. More details on auditing a course here. These are processed on seat availability and upon approval from the instructor.

Can I take more than 18 credits?

The standard semester course is four courses with a maximum of 18 credits. Undergraduate students wishing to enroll in more than 18 credits may request an overload. Academic and financial rules regarding overloads apply, more details found here.


In order to facilitate your records request, you will need your AUP NET ID

Forgot your ID or password? Please submit this form in order to have your account activated or password reset.

How do I get a transcript?

All the processes are detailed on our page Requesting a Transcript.  We are collaborating with Parchment to provide fast and secure transcript delivery. We can provide either paper or electronic transcripts, to be sent out to yourself or a third party.

Can you provide me with proof of enrollment?

All enrollment certificates are available to be downloaded and printed 24/7 via the student portal: > My Tools > Student Portal > My Certificates

Are you able to certify my diploma or help me get an apostille?

The Registrar’s office does not provide apostille services; we recommend contacting a third party authentication service, such as US Authentication Services. Please contact our office with questions.

Can I get a replacement diploma?

In case your diploma has been lost or damaged, you can request a duplicate diploma. Duplicate diplomas cost 60 euros and may take up to several weeks to receive.

Need a custom letter?

For Expected Graduation, Proof of English as Language of Instruction, etc., please submit your request by clicking here. Letters are processed within 2 to5 business days, please plan accordingly.

Can I have a copy of a course syllabus?

To download copies please visit the catalog archives or search the course catalog by term/course. There will be an option to download the course syllabus. If you cannot find the syllabi you need, please contact us.


Have I officially graduated?

You may check the transcript section of your student portal to verify if your degree has been conferred. You may also contact our office.

When will I receive my diploma?

Please refer to our Diploma Timeline to see when you can expect to receive your diploma.

When may I participate in commencement?

Spring commencement participants may include students who have completed or are expected to complete degree requirements from that academic year. (Fall semester, Spring Semester and Summer Term).


How is my Grade Point Average (GPA) calculated?

Your GPA a weighted-average of all grades earned at AUP.  You may use our GPA calculator to generate a hypothetical GPA.

How do I view my grades?

You may view your grades by going to -> My Tools -> Student Portal -> My Grades. Under Grade Type, select Final Grades.

Incomplete Grades:

Students may be granted a temporary “Incomplete” grade and extended deadline to complete coursework at the discretion of professors. Incomplete grades will remain on your transcript until the updated grade is posted, or will be changed to an F by mid-semester of the following semester

How do I declare or change my major or a minor?

We suggest speaking to your advisor before changing, you can then self-declare a change of major or minor on the bio information of your AUP profile.

For further information:

This page was last updated on February, 2023.